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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I have a voice now. And if abuse is occurring, I will not be silent.

No apathy here.

No egocentric mind here.

No avoiding reality to keep life easy.

Just honesty, integrity, courage and a need to do right, even if it makes life uncomfortable.

I made a vow to never ignore abuse…..and I won’t.

And that is real empathy and compassion.

I would rather live with any stress by acting and have a clear conscience.

Than know I have walked away from people, who I could have helped.

Attitudes are Contagious

Thank you, I appreciate your support!


Yesterday I was reading my feed, and I came upon two bloggers that were struggling with Trolls.  I’d like to contribute to their momentum, by encouraging them to keep on keeping on, regardless of haters.  670I hope this can help WordPress remain a safe place for them to share their thoughts, and I fully encourage anybody who wants to help me do so.

TK & HFCT, only let the people into your garden that won’t step on the flowers.  I see how much effort you share with the world on your blogs, appreciate the courage that it takes for you to write as you do, and it pissed me off that you’re getting negative feedback.

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Abusive people, have one set of rules for them, and another for their victims.

Positive Action For PTSD UK continue on their hate and lies, allowing others to believe their lies.

As is typical with abusive people – they have one set of rules for themselves and one for their victims.

They can abuse and lie all they like…..but the victims cannot defend themselves or speak the truth. And if you do speak the truth – then they turn themselves into the victims.

Perfect example;

I found this on Twitter..

So I politely stated that this was further bullying and it was being reported. No bad language, but I did defend myself and explain this was cyberbullying, as it is lies.

And then this appeared – and the woman is calling me a C***.

Simon Buckden, is clearly enticing more people to report. Again based upon his lies and his needs to cyber bully anyone who he doesn’t like.

An update on this post…

Since the admins who were previously working with Simon Buckden – at that time – have found out the truth themselves …….. and that everything that I stated and warned people about, was correct about Mr Buckden…… I did receive a genuine apology and it is now understood between us – that I was indeed trying to protect people and this was with good heart intentions and this former admin and I are now friendly.

Whilst I am sad that whole situation had to occur at all……. I know people have learned from this…… learned that they should not bully people online that they do not even know….. or trust people like Simon Buckden – who is being investigated and has been charged with fraud.

My intentions were good and to help others…… and I was secure in that then…… and I still am.

I received a lot of abuse and hassle, due to that whole horrible situation, but I am still thankful I endured it, as people learned from it.

I will always be someone who defends people who are being lied to and duped by sociopaths/psychopaths….. because there needs to be people with the integrity and compassion required……. to stand up to them, for the wellbeing of others.


Flora Jessop – A courageous and strong woman.

“To those who abuse: the sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators: blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest.”
― Flora Jessop, Church of Lies

When standing up to institutions of any kind, within or outside of Christianity – a huge level of courage, integrity and guts, are needed.

I admire women like Flora Jessop, and she is a great example of a strong woman, using the terrible abuse she endured, for good – to help others being abused, pro-actively and re-actively.

Flora Jessop Biography: (Wikipedia)

Jessop grew up in Colorado City, Arizona. She was raised in a polygamous family, with two mothers and twenty-seven siblings, all members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS).[2] When she was sixteen years old, after years of abuse, including being impregnated by her own father[3] and being forced to marry her first cousin, Phillip Jessop, she fled her family and faith. After many years as a vagabond in Middle and Southwest America, Jessop gave birth to her first child, daughter Shauna.

Jessop moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she soon met a man named Tim and created a family unit with him and their daughters, Shauna and Megan. Tim’s mother, Carol, would eventually reintroduce Jessop to Christianity. Jessop’s divorce from her cousin Philip was finalized in 1995.[4]

In February 2001, Jessop and Tim married at the Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. In April 2001, her younger sister Ruby was forced to marry her stepbrother, Haven Barlow. The ceremony, officiated by Warren Jeffs, would be the catalyst that turned Jessop into an advocate against child abuse in the FLDS community. She helped, in a large part, to create the Child Protection Project.[5] Continue reading