Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


“It’s been a rough week, but I made it..how about you?” Yeah this about sums it up some weeks!

I find humour whenever I can, in this healing journey.

Humour is good, although some days – I can find none, because it is too painful.

But, when I can – I laugh, giggle and find some humour in this journey and it is healing too.

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Traumatised people can act in a way non traumatised people may not. So please don’t judge.

A popular and needed post to my page, to help survivors understand and hopefully educate others a little more too.

“Why didn’t you just leave?” I get so annoyed when I see questions and judgments like this made about why people stay in abusive situations or relationships.

There are many reasons…

Fear…mind control…brainwashing…threats…believing nothing better is deserved…trauma bonding…believing it will result in losing contact with children…not knowing anything different…no support…

And many more reasons.

None of which warrant judgment or assumptions, or the cruel and hurtful comments, that some people feel entitled to say.

Traumatised people, make decisions that are not always considered to be the most appropriate – but they are all the traumatised person can do, at that time. Continue reading

Twitter and Facebook are very different.

I have both…..for various reasons, many good………and I spend too much time on them both.

Twitter, connects you to more people, than Facebook.

I read a book that was recommended by my doctor called ‘When Life and Beliefs Collide’ by Carolyn Custis James. The book blew me away, with it’s very well written account of women needing to be theologians and being active, equal members of churches, with men. I loved reading it.

Carolyn Custis James is on Twitter, so I ‘tweeted’ to her that I loved this book, and she ‘favourited’ my comment.

Now that would probably not happen on Facebook. Twitter is used by far more people for connecting with others professionally and with Facebook being so greedy and limiting the posts visibility to 5% of your likers, Facebook is going to stop being used many pages, who cannot afford to pay to raise their visibility again.

I’ve also sent a message to Mariska Margitey (of Law & Order SVU) who is massive on Twitter, incredibly popular woman, who I support due to her Joyful Heart Foundation. Okay…..I also love her character Olivia Benson – tough, yet elegant woman, who puts away the ‘bad people’ and yet is still compassionate. Great TV character role.

As yet, Mariska is yet to favourite me, no doubt my comment amongst the thousands she receives every day, is lost. That’s okay.

Twitter is definitely the place to connect though.

And now I’ve just realised, I have blogged about the social media, that I spend far too much time on…..


I am still adamant I am not addicted to social media…

Nope…not at all.