Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Just sayin’ it as it is….as I do.

I posted this from Twitter to my community page.

From Twitter that needs sharing here too ❤

Anyone who claims healing from abuse is about being positive every day – is deluded.
Grieving is a huge part of healing.
It takes a long time.

Amen!! Some people spew positivity in such a way that it screams "shut up and get over it!"

Absolutely right! The 'shut up and get over it' brigade, need to shut up themselves.

The responses, were very positive, very thankful and it was very validating to many.

You need to grieve, you need to feel the emotions, you need to have self sorrow, and process it all – otherwise it stays within you.

Down the track, you can become more positive.

But not before you are ready.

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It’s my mothers Birthday today.

I hope she is okay.

I hope she is not suffering.

I hope she is getting the care she needs.

I hope my sister is not ripping her off financially.

I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.

I don’t want her to burn in hell.

I leave her entirely to God to deal with.

And that is far more than she deserves, from me.

I have learned from her – how to help others who have a narc/sociopath mother, who enabled and encouraged her daughters to be abused, because that’s what she is.

I learned compassion and love, how to protect and have empathy, despite all her neglect and abuse.

I don’t hate her.

I don’t have to have nice emotions about her.
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The highly unwise ‘do-gooders’ = contributing & enabling increasing child sexual abuse/violence.

I am a Christian. I do not believe in repaying evil with evil.

I do believe in wisdom and protecting the vulnerable, innocent and society. Jesus wants us to protect and look after the vulnerable and needy – which children are.

It is widely known in the psychology world, that paedophiles and sociopathic sex offenders, cannot be rehabilitated and cannot be stopped from abusing and cannot be trusted and will very likely re-offend.

In fact they have the highest rates of re-offending. Plus they increase the demand for child porn. Which is abuse. Child porn is ALWAYS abuse.

The do-gooders in this world, are nowhere to be seen when these people commit crimes, and re-offend. But when it comes to jail sentencing or parole etc, or how long they should be in prison – oh they are quick to speak up then and defend them.

This is not wisdom.

This is increasing the abuse in society.

This is enabling and encouraging them to believe their crimes/abuse is not a big deal.

It is a big deal. They ruin lives. Millions commit suicide due to being abused as children. Millions have poor quality lives because of the long term, massively impacting consequences.

There are NO studies to show any decent rate of success for rehabilitating sociopaths/paedophiles/repeat sex offenders. Continue reading

The more wisdom you attain…

This is so true. I’ve been ‘different’ all my life and those who could not understand why, put this down to something negative. As people do as a fear, ignorance response.

To have deep self insight, deep insight into the behaviours of others, to have wisdom, life wisdom, psychology wisdom, spiritual wisdom, all means you become someone further and further away from the average person.

I once said to my trauma therapist – “I feel like I have lived 10 lifetimes” – to which she replied “Yes, and you have 10 lifetimes of life wisdom as a result”.

And she told me I am not at the stage most Christians will remain all their lives, at the stage 3, level, as per James Fowlers Stages of Faith. She confirmed I am at stage 4-5. She told me I had outgrown the previous church I was abused by, and that their stage was so clearly at stage 3 and where the leadership wanted them all to remain. (If in fact Christians at all).

These were probably the most validating and nicest things, anyone has ever said to me.

I am different, I know I process, think and feel to a deeper level than average.

I know I have the ability, the gift, to pick up on red flags and work people out. Far more capacity than most for this.

I am also wise enough to know, I will never be wise enough, and my life will be a continual learning and growing journey. And I am continually thirsty for more and more wisdom and I will continue seeking it.