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Too much social media time – increases anxiety & affects mood….


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Our mood system is ordinarily very robust, for the most part we deal with knock backs and obstacles within a relatively short period of upset. Whether it’s an argument with a partner or family member, the car breaking down or something tragic we see on the news; we experience upset or annoyance but ordinarily our mood bounces back and is naturally restored before too long.

However, when we are struggling with low mood or anxious we are more vulnerable to external factors having an impact upon us. When the resilience of our mood system is reduced there is less of a ‘rebound’ back to a balanced mood. So it stands to reason that we are then more susceptible to prolonged low moods and the influence of negative events.

Is Modern Media Affecting Your Mood?

For example, when we watch the news we are often bombarded with negativity about events, locally or around the globe. Unfortunately human nature being what it is, bad news often attracts our attention more than good and so often the news is full of tragedy, injustice or sadness. In reality most of this news will have no impact upon our own reality and yet we feel drawn to it once we become aware of it.

If we have an awareness of our own vulnerability, then perhaps we can help ourselves by reducing the amount of negativity we expose ourselves to.

For example, if you know you are particularly sensitive to bad news about injustice, it may be worth considering what you stand to gain by exposing yourself to this? Continue reading

I support the current campaigning to ban all paedophiles from ANY internet use.

There are many campaigning for this, in many different countries.

I support this fully.

Get them off the internet, off social media.

Keep children as safe as possible.

Reduce them online grooming.

Reduce these people from harassing abuse survivors.

Reduce them encouraging the child porn industry.

They made a choice to abuse children, or illegally look at child porn.

They should have this ban, as the consequences.

Keep children safer.

The priority, always.

Do-gooders, enough already.

I am now on Google+ (brand new), Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Website :)

Spreading the love, support, validation, education widely, raising awareness of complex trauma and it’s effects.

Now on Google+ 🙂


And Twitter


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And this Blog


And have a Website



Going from strength to strength – despite bullying, harassment, threats.

Despite bullying, harassment, threats from weak and pathetic stalker, I continue to go from strength to strength.

None of these dark people, can pull me down low enough to cause lasting damage.

I still rise. Praise God.

I have professionals and genuine organisations sharing and liking my info and posts.

My community page, Twitter continue to flourish, expand and good info, support, validation, education continues to be shared. I provide support for others and encourage their work, provide support for those healing.

I have a lot of support and I offer a lot of support.

My stalker said I was ‘going down’. He can dream on.

Despite how much his dark, sociopathic heart wants that – it’s not happened. It’s his pages that are struggling. Having to almost beg people to share, and support. His forum, virtually unused, people on Twitter blocking him.

Darkness, cannot extinguish light.

Light prevails.

Update 11/05/14

This post must have been read by my stalker – because later on the same day – predictably – another post about myself, appeared on his PTSD Facebook page – full of lies, and virtally no support – except from abusive admins.

He can’t help himself. Such a sad man.

He must be feeling very insecure and knows he is losing support – particularly with so much evidence from so many other victims – which shows this is not a personal issue just by myself.

I’ve lost count of all his victims. I won’t back down on this matter when I know vulnerable people with PTSD are being targeted and their money taken.


I am……..everything my abusers will never be.

A popular post on my community page, to help abuse survivors to see themselves positively.

My abusers were/are weak, sick, liars, enjoyed hurting people, selfish, manipulators.

I am caring, compassionate, have empathy, never want to hurt anyone, have integrity, discipline for honesty, charitable, have courage and strength and a heart to help others suffering.

I am EVERYTHING good my abusers, will never be.

Consider what you are.

Your strengths, your virtues.