Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I would like to read some of C S Lewis’ books.

A very wise man.

And not appearing to be a legalistic, rules obsessed right winger, who I avoid like to plague. Being more advanced as I am, than these often spiritually abusive immature right wing Christians.

I choose wisdom and compassion.


Today…as unnatural as it feels…I am thinking of me & some better self care.


After reading about how social media increases anxiety, which is not good for PTSD sufferers, at all….I have decided I ‘have’ to implement better self care. Get over my guilt issues about it….and know I am actually worth treating myself well.

I know I have some level of self harm going on, that forces me into almost addictive behaviours, that are not in my best interests. Excessively using social media, excessively helping others, being two of these.

So, being someone who finds routines work better to ensure regular activities, I am going to have a routine.

Monday – Friday, my children are in school.

So, I am no longer opening my laptop in the mornings before school. I will get them ready, take them to school and come home and do some daily needed relaxation, prayer.



1. I will start with some guided muscle relaxation on YouTube that I enjoy.

2. Do some Christian yoga I found on Youtube also, where the woman starts with prayer to Jesus – perfect.
And regardless of the ‘issues’ some right wing Christians have with yoga – I know and believe Jesus will know my heart and that I am only interested in loving Him. I am not a legalistic, unnecessary rules led right wing Christian, as many immature stage 3’ers are. And I know God loves and protects me, from any dark, evil spiritual issues. He is pure love and loves those who love Him.

3. I also will plan set days, I will go out on my new bike. And build up some physical health.

4. Then do some housework stuff around the house each day.

5. Do my sewing craft and enjoy that with some nice relaxing music on. Continue reading

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It’s Mother’s Day here in Aus, good and bad for me…so avoiding social media.

This is good self care for me.

I have decided to avoid social media over the Mother’s Day period, because it evokes too many emotions for me.

I need to concentrate on me, being a good mother to my beautiful children.

I don’t need to think about, or celebrate an abusive mother in any way.

A post to my community page;

Its Mother’s Day here, which is a good and bad for me.

Good because I am a mum to two beautiful boys, who I adore and cherish

Bad, because I have a mother who abused me and set me up to be abused.

So, I am having a day off here today, to try and concentrate on me being a mum, and avoid all the internet posts about how wonderful mums are, as I find it hard to see those. Continue reading