Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Do abusers know what they are doing is wrong?

Do abusers know what they are doing is wrong?

Most abusers, do know right from wrong.

Most abusers, do hide what they do.

Most abusers, do lie about it.

Most abusers, will not own up to it.

There are few mental health issues that render someone incapable of making a choice to abuse, or not to abuse, psychosis can be one, schizophrenia can be another.

But, Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Paedophiles etc…

All KNOW what they are doing is wrong – they just don’t care – due to lack of empathy, lack of remorse, although they can pretend to have them.

All my abusers, absolutely knew what they were doing was wrong, because they hid it, lied about it, denied it, minimized it.

I can and I do have compassion for anyone with any mental health issues –

BUT this is ‘never’ to be used to justify/enable/minimize the ‘choices’ they made to abuse and the damage and harm they caused.

It was a CHOICE they made.

This was a very painful realisation to get my head around, as some of my abusers were family.

But I needed to understand this.

Narcisissm & bullying epidemic, increasingly abusive & unhealthy society.

We are living in a narcissism epidemic where;

Apathy thrives

Abuse increases

Abusers are enabled

Wisdom decreases

Bullying is rife

Victim blaming increases

Fewer people care

And more and more enjoy it.

So wrong!

I refuse to join in with this sickness. I see it so clearly and I see how unhealthy society is.


I have a long term habit of dismissing compliments, but maybe I shouldn’t.

I mostly take compliments, with a fair degree of either confusion, or suspicion.

When you have known as many liars and abusers as I have, it becomes a necessity, for survival.

I am trying to change this, but I feel uncomfortable accepting compliments.

I am also concerned about what is healthy self esteem and what is ego, as I wish to have healthy self esteem, but only in a healthy way.

These were some of todays compliments.

Added 15/5/14

I received another recommendation from a mental health professional.