Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Setting Unrealistic Goals? Why? It’s Self Harm.

A post to my page…

I have a habit of setting myself unrealistic goals. Why?

Because it is a form self harm.

Self harm can be very non obvious, but setting non achievable goals is one, that many complex trauma survivors will have.

When I do this, I can’t achieve the goal, so then feel like a failure, and emotionally beat myself up. Continue reading


‘You are extremely intelligent and well spoken – it’s getting ridiculous’

In my current quest to develop some healthy self esteem, I am making myself take in what people say, and really try to digest what they say, as being genuine, and not just dismiss it, or be suspicious, as I would normally do.

Today – this comment stood out and made me giggle too!

And on a more serious note, is a huge compliment. Especially as the term ‘ridiculous’ is used in a very positive way.

It reminded me of the singer RedFoo singing ‘Let’s Get Ridiculous’ – only about intelligence, not having fun.

It was in response to this post

~~~Are you told you are lazy?~~~

Sufferers, of PTSD and Complex PTSD – are not lazy.

Stress reduction and stress management are a needed part of managing a severe disorder.

It is self care, appropriate, necessary, and a needed part of health needs.

People who didn’t know about PTSD, would look at my lifestyle now and possibly assume I am lazy. Continue reading

The ‘stalker’ plot thickens…

So my stalker, has a worse history than anyone knew about, allegedly;

Tried as a child, to kill his 3 yr old sister with a knife and was put into care for his family’s safety.

Fake cancer diagnosis.

Lies about what he did in military.

Possible lies about PTSD diagnosis.

And more.

This from a reliable source.

None of this surprises me, but it does make me realise, why so many people where he lives, are genuinely scared of him.

If this is true – we are talking a raging narcissistic psychopath.

I am so thankful his partner has now split from him. She has been seen out alone, without her engagement ring. I am relieved and my only concern is her safety. if she left the NFP org completely – she would no doubt see a very different side to this man.

Still sometimes crave those ‘highs’.

I was a party girl back in the day, clubbing was a huge part of my life in my 20’s. The club style dancing, the club scene, having far too much ‘fun’, the men, alcohol, the sex – were my highs.

This was my life.

I craved the level of fun, that would take away the inner pain I always had, from so much abuse. A maladaptive coping strategy that is common in child sexual abuse victims.

When I hear songs like this – that I love – I still crave being back there.

Even though, I have no intention or desire to be back in the clubbing scene the rest of the time.