Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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I can’t ‘save’ everyone and I need to protect myself, more.

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I am a naturally protective, empathic, compassionate person.

No matter how worried and sad I feel for so many people who are being conned by a sociopath on another PTSD page, who is conning and manipulating so many people…

I cannot save everyone, even though I want to.

It is being dealt with and I need to wait patiently for the situation to come to it’s conclusion, that will occur.

I hate to think of many people being harmed during the time that this will take, but it is not my responsibility to try to protect people.

My role now, is to continue helping those who reach out here.

And this is healthy self boundaries, that mean I know, I cannot risk my own self, to try and save others.

My own needs ‘are as important’ as the needs of others.

This is pretty good progress for me.


This was a comment on Twitter, from another amazing page, in response;

ANA – AfterNarcAbuse @Light_Life_Love

@HealingCPTSD Absolutely, correct! Love your perspective, witnessing your growth, peace and healing!! You’ve got moxy AND class!


Always glad when I make a complex trauma survivor laugh!

I have a sense of humour – and it sure has helped me through my ‘interesting’ life.

Some days I have zero capacity to see anything funny, but most of the time, I do.

Humour is healing.

Humour is good. As long as it is appropriate and not at the expense of someone else.


10 Guilty Verdicts for Convicted Paedophile Robert Hughes & He Gets Only 6 Years


What a joke. What an invalidation for his victims. What a failure by the legal system.

Convicted paedophile Robert Hughes, found guilty of 10 counts of child sexual abuse – which are only the ones he had been arrested for, gets 10 years, but could be out in 6.

He has NO remorse.

He has taken NO accountability for his actions.

He still claims he is innocent.

Chances of re-offending in 6 years time – very high.

He has many symptoms of being a psychopath as well.

Both paedophiles and psychopaths – are non curable.

Society, children, will still be at risk.

He should be in prison, or a mental hospital for the rest of his natural life.

This is NOT justice.

This is NOT wisdom.

Where’s the child protection needs in this???