Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Why is it so hard for so many Christians to understand – there is no evil, in God.

I hear and read things all the time about God – which basically say God is evil.

E.g. God wants vengeance, God will make people who don’t live up to His standards burn in hell. God doesn’t heal you if you haven’t prayed enough, God sent Jesus purely to thrash Him for our sins….the list is endless.

How hard is it to understand – this is all wrong.

The is NO evil in God.

God is pure perfect love.

God is not a God that wants vengeance. He loves us all. Continue reading


Feelings of fear, sadness, grief and I don’t even know what…suddenly overwhelming me.

I hate this.

I hate these periods, where I feel stronger, feel better, then something happens, and an overwhelming sense of dread, fear, grief and despair sets in, that makes my mood plummet fast.

I know when this happens, that a combination of current issues, combined with emotional flashbacks is occurring.

I know as it is happening now, that this is occurring. Emotional flashbacks are worse to manage and deal with, than visual ones. At least with visual ones, I know what the memory is.

I hate emotional flashbacks, but I don’t know what it is about – I don’t see the memory. All I feel is the pain, the fear, the grief etc.

But, knowing it is partly an emotional flashback, does not take away the emotions.

I feel this fear and anxiety in my chest.

I feel this darkening despair, fear and grief happening that I can’t cope with. Continue reading