Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Poem – Christianity & Child Abuse – What You Really Are

This poem does not comply to ‘real’ Christians, because they don’t abuse.
This is about all the church people, who use God, as an excuse to abuse.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

You abuse children
Physical abuse
In the name of God
You say it’s God’s will
For me to belt you
You say it is God’s will
For me to whip you
You say it is God’s will
To take a paddle to you
What you are
Is child abusers

You fail children
Child sexual abuse
From many adults
You ignore it
In the name of God
You condone it
In the name of God
You enable it
In the name of God
What you are
Is child abusers

You fail children
You don’t protect them
You abuse them
Ignore them
Traumatise them
Hurt them
Make them suffer
Keep it a secret
In the name of God
What you are
Is child abusers

You re-traumatise
These victims
With forced forgiveness
Forced compassion
For evil people
Who commit
Evil acts
That you condone
Make them question God

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Counsellors, psychologists continue to share quotes I have written myself :)

I feel blessed to know, how sane and insightful I am, that mental health professionals regularly and continually share posts I have written and my own written quotes 🙂

One on Twitter shared just now by a counsellor…

“Those who insist on you ‘looking for something good & being positive/strong’ every day…are actually hindering your healing.”

Every time this happens and people trained in psychology share something I have written, I think ‘phew…I am okay after all’ lol! 🙂

And one day, it might actually sink in far enough, for me to believe it in myself fully. But, that’s okay, I know how much abuse, invalidation I have received in my life. It takes time.


Children abused at home – experience the same ‘warzone’ as combat soldiers.

By Kate Kelland

LONDON (Reuters) Children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers
exposed to combat, scientists said on Monday.

In a study in the journal Current Biology, researchers used brain scans to explore the impact of physical abuse or domestic violence on children’s emotional development and found that exposure to it was linked to increased activity in two brain areas when children were shown pictures of angry faces.

Previous studies that scanned the brains of soldiers exposed to violent combat situations showed the same pattern of heightened activity in these two brain areas the anterior insula and the amygdala which experts say are associated with detecting potential threats.

This suggests that both maltreated children and soldiers may have adapted to become “hyperaware”
of danger in their environment, the researchers said.

“Enhanced reactivity to a…threat cue such as anger may represent an adaptive response for these children in the short term, helping keep them out of danger,” said Eamon McCrory of Britain’s University College London, who led the study.

But he added that such responses may also be underlying neurobiological risk factor which increases the children’s
susceptibility to later mental illness like depression.

Depression is already a major cause of mortality, disability, and economic burden worldwide and the World Health
Organization predicts that by 2020, it will be the second leading contributor to the global burden of disease across all ages.

Childhood maltreatment is known to be one of the most potent environmental risk factors linked to later mental health problems such as anxiety disorders and depression.

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The difference between me & my narcissistic/sociopathic traits family & the trolls that are still hating..

The difference between me and my narcissistic/sociopathic traits family, and the trolls that are still hating (I have rec’d more messages) ?

They absolutely hate me having support & love in my life, so will continue to go out of their way, in their obsessive need to hurt me, private messaging people, setting up hater pages about me etc..They have zero compassion, black hearts and think about me all the time..

And they have no clue how deeply pathetic that is and how insane they actually are to have no insight into themselves and consider their deep hatred. lies and obsession, to be okay.

Me, despite the harm and suffering caused, I want them to get help. I want them to heal their deep wounds, no matter how much I know that is unlikely.

I won’t put up with their abuse, and will stand up to them, and will be honest about them, but I want no harm to come to them and would be so happy if they sought help.

I don’t have to have nice feelings about them. But I do see how deeply and mentally unwell they are.

It is very much an indicator of who I am – that I have more compassion for them, than they do for me, despite them being the abusive people and me being their victim.

To not add fuel to their hatred fire, from now on anyone on my Facebook page, WordPress etc, that say anything that they need banning for, I will just delete, ban. No discussion, no explanation. Then the haters/trolls, can’t pounce on those banned immediately like the vultures they are (who are clearly obsessively watching everything I do), from private messaging people, to keep spreading the lies and hatred.

It will help them – in not fueling their obsessive sociopathic needs.

Watching ‘It’s Complicated’ again, for the 100th time :)

This is one of my favourite movies, and with my favourite actress Meryl Streep.

I love her acting in this – she is hilarious! And the guy who plays her son-in-law, his character and acting, is so funny too 🙂

And I can daydream about what it would be like to have a nice family, a kind, loving mother who adores and cherishes her children.