Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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WOW!! – Google searches that blew me away about my Website !!!! :-D

WOW! I just did a Google search with the words…

‘complex ptsd’ and my Website came 4th !! &

‘complex trauma’ and my Website came 5th !!

Wow, I am blown away!!!! 😀

Praise God!!!! My writing sure is getting out there in the world.

More than a written book that people have to buy!!!


I’m adding this one too!!

My PTSD Website getting even more attention, which is helping more people.


Since I started promoting my Website more on Facebook and Twitter, it is receiving a lot more attention, and it was already getting a lot of traffic.

I am so thankful if it helps people in any way.

I’ve had professionals, validate it and recommend it, in the past, but from now on, any mental health professionals, or anyone connected to health, abuse org’s etc, who comment, I will ask if the would be okay, if I wrote their recommendation, on the website.

I said to my husband, that my Website, is like my first online published book, in web layout style, with personal touches from me, that are my insight and are unique to me, that I know many others relate to.

I have plans to add sections for further info about complex trauma, spiritual focus on issues like forgiveness & why God does not want us to suffer, info about different abusers like narcs/sociopaths/psychopaths/paedophiles etc. All in good time.


This was how I felt today, cuddling my teddy a friend bought me.

Today, I cuddled my teddy and comforted my inner child, for a while.

I woke up this morning after a yuck dream about my step father. *ugh.

Felt a bit fragile and needed to rest, so I did, cuddled up with my teddy and a blanket and watched a movie.

It was very comforting.


Why was I abused?

Why was I abused….??

There is only one reason, why I have endured severe, multiple abuse in my life.

Because abusive people, made decisions and choices to abuse me.

No, it wasn’t because I deserved it.

No, it wasn’t due to anything I did wrong.

No, it wasn’t because God wanted or chose for me to suffer, as part of His divine plan.

No, I wasn’t given this life because I am strong enough to live it.

No, it wasn’t my karma.

No, it wasn’t due to the laws of attraction that meant I in some way attracted it into my life.

No, it wasn’t because I had some divine purpose that meant I needed to suffer to learn and grow.

Or any of the other unwise rubbish peddled in society.

Abusive people, made choices to abuse me.

It is their blame, their shame, their guilt, their sin.

It is as simple as that.


What you need to do, to cope & get through the day, I support ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

delicate flower 6

If you need to stay in bed today and rest.

If you need to listen to music a lot today.

If you need to watch movies today & snuggle on the sofa.

If you want to clean the house.

If you want to read.

If you need to get out and have some fresh air.

If you want to catch up with friends.

If you want to be alone.

If you need to cry.

If you need to smile, laugh.

Whatever you need to do today…..you do it, with no guilt.

No-one else knows what ‘you’ need.

I support your needs to do what you need to do to cope through each day.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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My political views are simple, and would be very unpopular, for many.

My political views on tax etc, are very simple and would be very unpopular, with many.

Including many middle class people and some people I know.

I believe we are blessed, to bless others.

Therefore, if you have been blessed with the capacity to earn lots of money, you should be very thankful, and have empathy to see others haven’t.

I believe in taxing the rich more than they are, because they ‘do not need’ above a certain level of income.

And I do agree with work for the dole, for those not working, who don’t have a child to care for, who are meant to be seeking employment.

I do not agree with making lower income, sick, elderly people pay to go to see the doctor.

And I believe education, should be free to all. Including Uni.

What you do not need, you should be willing to share.

‘That’ is what would make this world, a far better place.

Never going to happen, but that is what is needed.

I have learned, to be content with the lower income, we have. I am content with the lack of luxuries the society I live in demands. Even wise people I know – I believe do not share enough.

I don’t need expensive holidays, jewellery, material possessions, expensive clothes, a fancy house, in fancy ‘address’, or an expensive car etc.

I am truly content, with what God has provided for us. And I have known for some time now, that I could not be a ‘rich’ Christian – because there is no such thing.

Needing, more than we need, and not sharing the excess we do not need – is selfishness.

And not of Jesus.

Don’t be shamed into having to ‘love your parents’ in the way society/church people can demand.

I like Jeff brown – he speaks a lot of wisdom and I appreciate his posts.

Jeff can be found @ https://www.facebook.com/SOULSHAPING?fref=nf

A post on his page today..

“Some of us cannot preserve our dignity and well-being if we remain connected to one or both of our parents. This is not to say that we don’t do our best to heal and preserve those relationships, but sometimes it is simply not possible and it is not healthy to continue. Unfortunately, many who have made the brave, necessary decision to disconnect are met with a shaming, shunning response from others.

It is one of the most destructive and imprisoning guilt trips of all time “But she’s your mother”, “But he’s your father”, “They did their best”, “You owe them your life” etc. This has to stop. You can be sure that if someone is considering disconnecting from members of their family of origin, there must be very legitimate reasons for doing so.

Even if they did their best, that doesn’t mean we have to stay in contact with them.

Some wounds cut too deep. Some bridges have been permanently burnt. Some people do not change.

Let’s get this straight- you are not a bad person if you choose to say good bye to abusive family members.

You have every right to preserve your emotional integrity.” Continue reading

Is it okay for me to be really honest & say some days, I would rather be dead, than dealing with all this.

This was during some really bad days when I wrote this. It was exactly how I felt that day, as I always write in a vey honest, raw way. When in a lot of emotional pain, overwhelmed with pain, sleep deprived, it can make what is already horrendous to deal with daily, feel even worse. I don’t feel like this every day, but I have self compassion for the days I do and I have compassion that others can feel this way. Our emotions, are valid, real and should not be minimized, or ignored. Severe trauma and severe is abuse, is deeply traumatic and deeply painful and our emotions can continue to be, about it, when suffering PTSD, Complex PTSD. Compassion is needed, always.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am a strong person, I know that. I couldn’t have survived all I have, if I wasn’t.

But, there are days, often, where I wish I could either be back to where I was 5 years ago, or dead.

Five years ago, I blamed myself for a lot of the abuse. That was easier for me, than dealing with all I know now.

Five years ago, I didn’t feel this huge burden of knowing and seeing the extent of all the abuse and harm that goes on in this world and hurt so deeply, for all these people.

Five years ago, I didn’t understand the extent of all the abuse that had happened to me, because suppressing it was easier.

Five years ago, I still had this little bit of hope in me, that my mother loved me. Now, that is gone.

Five years ago, I had a life…

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