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A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Looks like a certain cyber stalker/cyber bully, is starting to get what he deserves.

I exposed this man, for the person I know he is. I was harassed, cyber bullied, threatened, called disgusting names, by him and his minions, trolled and I stuck it out. Provided everything I had, all the evidence, to the people who required it.

We all know his partner he set up the PTSD org with, left him. I’m glad, and I hope she is safe.

He – in his own words today, has now left the NFP PTSD org, he set up to try to be ‘the biggest and the best’, as per his delusions of grandeur.

And there is NO way he has left the NFP org unless he’s been told to.

Of course he will claim ‘he’s the victim’ and seek attention about it and want people to feel sorry for him.

This must be killing his ego. Especially as he hates me so much for daring to expose him and here I am expanding in my work all the time, gaining support from professionals, my Website doing exceptionally well. None of which I needed to do, by whoring myself around the media with my name and photos everywhere, or by lying about cancer, or lying about PTSD etc.

I am anticipating he will have a little spate of empty threats, harassment, talking to himself….again.

I wonder what more we will see, about him.

I can spot these types, so easily.

And those in Leeds, who keep in contact with me, let me know what’s happening and show continual support, know I am very appreciative and thankful and I support them too.


A few of my posts today 13/06/14

All my work, I write myself here, on my Website and my Facebook page is subject to © Copyright Protected.

(So please don’t steal them. It is very annoying to see my work, stolen and used, without my name/page etc quoted. It is very rude and it is theft.)

“Invalidation and minimization of the significance of the abuse caused, is highly damaging to a survivor.
It’s like the knife already plunged into us, is then being twisted”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario.

“I don’t believe you ever ‘get over’ severe child abuse.
I believe we need to process it, not suppress it.
I believe we need to grieve it, not avoid it.
I believe we need to learn self compassion, not a positive attitude.
I believe we learn to manage the pain better, at our own pace, however long that takes.
I believe we need to give ourselves permission to do all this.
And this is healing.”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

“I learned I didn’t need permission, or acceptance about my need to heal, from those around me, or from society.
I needed to accept and give myself permission to heal”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

“To understand why abuse occurs, it is needed to understand psychology of the abusive people who inflict abuse.”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

“No-one has the right, to put a time limit on anyone’s ‘healing from severe abuse’ journey.”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

“Healing from prolonged child abuse, can be a lifetime process.
Who is anyone to judge that?”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

“A child abuse survivor, never ‘gets over it’.
We can in time, after processing, grieving, learn to manage the pain better.”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

“Abuse survivors need compassion empathy non judgment support patience.
Please don’t use the words ‘move on’, ‘get over it’.”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

“If you have support & feel able to, it is always necessary to expose abusers.
Silence and apathy – is what they rely on to continue abusing.”
~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Blessed, to be nominated for another award. Thank you! :)

Received this message 🙂 ❤

Pen of the Sheep

I have nominated you for the Versatile bloggers award! http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/

– You don’t have to accept but should you choose to this is what you need to do.
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Good Luck! God bless!

Thank you so much Pen of the Sheep!! I feel very blessed! ❤ ❤


Don’t be a hypocrite, when it comes to child abuse…

It is highly hypocritical – to be someone who claims to be concerned about child abuse – if you smack/spank your own children, which is deliberately inflicting pain on a child, that does ‘not’ need inflicting.

Children can be raised to be well behaved, respectful, secure and happy, without physical punishment (abuse). Mine are.

It is proven by experts in child development, psychology and neuroscience, that spanking/smacking, negatively affects a child’s growing brain and lead to greater risk of mental health issues like depression and anxiety and physical health issues, like heart attacks and strokes, later in life.

But, abusive minds, are always hypocrites.

And justify their own needs to inflict pain on someone vulnerable.

Don’t be that.

Powerful message from Hetty Johnston – Bravehearts Inc.

Please consider supporting Bravehearts – they have the passion and the wisdom to know child sexual assault needs to reduce and actually do something about it.

I want Australia to be a safer place for children.

I want children’s rights to live safely….to be the priority.

Not paedophiles and sex offenders having ‘right’s – that enable them to continue harming children – often causing lifelong consequences, suicide and impacting life so deeply.

Children need our voice.

I am NOT apathetic about child abuse – please join Bravehearts Inc – in their action to help reduce child sexual abuse as well.

Society does not realise how mind controlled they are…

The majority of society, think they are free, yet fail to understand how mind controlled they are by those making money….

Through advertising, media, social media, materialism, consumerism, fashion, greed, status, tell you ‘you deserve it’, ‘you need it’ ‘you aren’t enough without it’…..

All encouraged to carefully control society and tell you ‘how to think’, ‘what is important’, ‘what should make you happy’, what your focus and values should be….

To ultimately tell you how to spend your $$$ and most fall for it.

As I used to, although I always had a sense deep down, it was not right.

My need to ‘fit in’ was always there, due to all the abuse I had throughout childhood.

It’s taken self insight, insight into humanity and self honesty, to come to this understanding, and now I refuse to be mind controlled, by people who have greed as their motivation.

It shows how unhealthy, how poor mental health is throughout society, that they fall for this so easily. It shows the shallowness of humans and how easily ‘told’ they are by others about how to live/think.

And yet, many of these people will consider they have excellent mental health and are free.

But, they are not free, they are slaves to people, they don’t even know.