Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

It is a good sign that I am not upset on UK Fathers Day.

This is not me, but this is how I feel today. Calm, not stressed out. Okay.

I know it’s Father’s Day in UK, only because social media is pumped full of all the quotes that say how wonderful fathers are.

Normally, I struggle on either Mother’s or Father’s Day. Having not had a good one of either, feels unbelievable cruel at times. I know the added impact not having one person, not one parent that you can trust, rely on. To have two abusive ones, who knew I was being abused and all the others deep abuse…feels unbearable sometimes.

But, today despite is being Fathers Day in UK, I feel okay. Not sad, not emotional and not numb. Just okay.

This is progress for me and I know that, because I have had decades of emotions on every single Mothers/Fathers day.

So, I will feel okay with peaceful okay’ness I feel today and praise Jesus for this healing.


Over 160,000 ‘views’ on my blog in a year. Nearly 1000 views, just today :)

When I set up this blog, I did not think it would gain much interest.

Boy, was I wrong!

I take it as a testimony to my insight and writing ability, and ability to express, what people like to read.

Praise God for my capacity to write, express & share my journey, and educate people about all the things I have learned in my journey so far.

I know God blesses us to bless others and that is what I try to do, every day.


Bought myself the book ‘Little Women’ – a positive childhood association.

Little Women

I recently talked with my doctor, about my love of this book, due to my childhood need to escape and reading was one of the ways I escaped what was going on. It was an adaptive coping method, which is good. My love of books and writing has continued on.

I loved the book Little Women, as I have blogged about recently, in relation to wanting to be like Jo, who wrote books and I loved her character.

I consider myself now to be an author, writer, poet, a self published author and my Website, as my first online published web-layout style book. And I am Website author. And it has a lot of traffic, so it helps more people than a book probably would anyway, which is good. Continue reading

Helpful to see my blogs here, being recommended & used by therapists.

Helps validate further that I do have insight and it’s good for others to see that, to give them more trust in what I write about.

This therapist, is also an author and chat show co-host.

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An example of watching ‘children in adult bodies’..at play…

People often ask what is narcissistic behaviour?

Well here is some behaviour that does indeed fit the criterion. Narcissists are bullies.

Malignant narcissists feed off your pain and enjoy seeing you suffer – read here http://house-of-mirrors.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/malignant-narcissists-feed-off-your-pain.html

When insecure ego’s feel threatened and you disagree with them – they go on the attack – like children.
Then like in playgrounds – they find another spiteful friend and gang up.
Then they do the whole giggling and laughing – you know as some children/teenagers do when being nasty and spiteful.
They are simply bullies – like children – in grown up bodies.
Emotional development stunted. Lack empathy, lack remorse, lack conscience.

It is pitiful to watch and the really sad part is – they think it bothers anyone they attack – when it is such immature behaviour – that I feel sorry for them.

They think they are clever and that no-one can see what their behaviour actually is and how pathetic it is. Ego again.

This is a succession of tweets, all because I didn’t ‘agree’ with someone’s opinion about a post of mine about narcissist’s and how they lie and believe their own lies – which they do. I ‘knew’ there was something odd about this woman’s response – red flags were flying, so I did the mature thing and just ignored, blocked. But, the ego in the woman had felt attacked, so she blew up – narcissistic rage? – and her mate drove her along – getting her to do his dirty work for him. So obvious.

You will note the laughing and chuckling – which is further proof of sociopathic/narc behaviour – as they ‘enjoy’ trying to upset people and think it’s amusing.

Normal adult people don’t act like that. Continue reading