Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Empathic People Are Natural Targets For Sociopaths & Empath – Sociopath – Apath Triad

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Wow, this was information I already knew, but seeing it written out this way, is like reading about me.

Me = the Empath

Several of my abusers = the Sociopaths

Those who colluded, did nothing, don’t care = Apaths.

And it states clearly that the people who are not empaths — 60% of the population, who prefer easy lives – see empaths in PROBLEMATIC TERMS.

This is MY LIFE – people with no empathy – seeing me as the problem because they prefer EASY LIVES. I have been saying this for the last year – I see it ALL the time.

And how empaths withdraw from society because of all of this.

And there was me, thinking I am crazy, and I am not. It’s most other people with no empathy that DON’T GET IT – because their emotional intelligence is far lower. But, its EASIER for them, to label…

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Narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, paedophiles, abusers of any kind, not welcome here.

Due to the content of my blog, and it’s popularity, it does sometimes attract the very people that I speak of that cause abuse and harm in this world.

They choose to come along and try to tell me how I am wrong about them. Most of them try to make excuses for what they are.

They are not welcome.

I write here about those of us who are suffering great harm and abuse caused by these people.

I am not here to listen to their justifications of their illnesses, how they believe they are good people, how they are misunderstood.

I know the minds of these types, I have endured them all.

That doesn’t make my opinion of them negatively biased, it makes it more insightful than those who have not endured them.

What they have are very severe mental health illnesses and they often choose not to accept that, because they do not have the conscience or empathy to care that they hurt people.

Not welcome here – here I write to support those who are trying to heal from the devastation these people cause.


The outer critic, is my biggest wall in my healing.

Click to access ShrinkingOuterCritic.pdf

I am very honest about myself and this is the hardest stuff for me to deal with, along with grieving.

I have had so many people hurt me so badly and betray me so deeply, my fear levels for this happening anymore, are at the highest they have ever been.

This article by Pete Walker, who is the closest I have come to someone who understands my life/journey/emotions, sums up so much of what I am struggling with and why I would rather stay away from everyone.

I would rather be completely alone, than be hurt or betrayed again. So my walls are up and up stronger than ever.

People can, will and do hurt other deeply. I know this. It’s happened too many times.

It’s why I cannot talk about my darkest times, I can’t get the words out, because I fear betrayal and lack trust in people.

I don’t know how to change this deep, intense fear, or if I ever will.


People who ‘throw me a bone’ occasionally, actually expect me to believe it’s genuine.

A post to my page….

I lost most people from my life, when I decided to be open about having PTSD.

Most people, for a variety of different reasons, either disappeared, or rarely get in touch.

Sometimes, they send a message, which I think often is more about ‘their’ need to just feel like they have done their duty, than actually about caring about me.

I thank them, but it means little to me.

Real friends who really cared, would be there all the way through, not on the odd occasion.

Do you have people, who you thought were friends, who ‘throw you a bone’ now and again, and expect you to believe that is genuine? Continue reading

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We need to grieve the pain of betrayal, caused by those we deeply loved.

I have given up expecting anyone to understand the intense pain that comes with grieving the betrayal, of loving people so much, who have caused you so much pain, damage, abuse and harm.

To have both parents be abusers, who set me up to be abused, and then so many after that, has caused wounds so deep, I fear they will never be healed.

My multiple trauma’s are not set out as separate trauma’s on a timeline, independent of each other.

Each one impacted the one before it, until all the trauma’s are heaped on top of each other, causing such heavy and deep wounds, that it is unbearable to deal with the pain.

The impact of multiple trauma’s, from birth, by all the significant people in your life, is beyond cruel.

Opening my eyes, has been deeply painful. Truth hurts, with a past like mine.

Learning the truth about my past, is more painful than I can express.

I have so much abuse, so many abusers.

It is too much.

I have to dissociate and numb, or I just want to die, the pain is so deeply unbearable.

It tears my heart and soul apart.

People may not understand this. Well, they haven’t walked my path. So, they have no opinion.

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Is the narcissist getting what he deserves now…??

Having been harassed, bullied, threatened by a certain fraud, a malignant narcissist, possible sociopath and knowing so many other people have too….it is interesting watching his PTSD NFP org pages disappear, his co-founder remove that org from her Twitter details, watch him ‘sympathy seeking’ as narcs do, and then watch all his Facebook/Twitter pages disappear.

Getting what he deserves? Maybe. I hope.

Hope he goes to prison, he deserves to.

But more important the vulnerable people being fooled, will no longer be vulnerable to his lies, manipulation, harm, and stop giving him their money.

I wonder what more will become public?