Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Was I sex trafficked? By my own mother and step father?

My step father was within a circle of sexual deviant, sexually abusive friends. Paedophiles, rapists, Catholic paedophile priest who went to prison, a sadistic psychopath who went to prison. At least 3 of his friends, abused his children. There could be more that occurred. My mother knew all this too.

One of these ‘friends’ was the sadistic psychopath that groomed me over a period of years. I was asked by my mother and step father, if I wanted to go and work with this ‘man’, in his business and spent a lot of time with him. He knew I had been abused by a paedophile friend of my step fathers (who my step father continued talking to after it was known that myself and my sister had been abused).

This psychopath spent a lot of time at our house, He was married, with children, but spent more time at our place than his own. He and my step father were ‘shooting’ buddies, and they loved guns. I was encouraged to go with them to the gun range. I spent a lot of time in the company of this psychopath. I talked to him, when we were alone about things troubling me at home. Continue reading


Narcissists, sociopaths, paedophiles, love to find healing people, to upset.

Since setting up on social media, I have dealt with many trolls, cyber bullies, cyber stalkers, sociopaths and a paedophile harassing me.

Just had a self confessed ‘sociopath’ add herself to my Twitter page. So, blocked immediately. Why would she follow a page that is about ‘healing’. One reason – to annoy and upset. There is no other reason. They love it. They enjoy causing harm. Just like the sociopath that laughs at people’s suffering and he knows who he is.

I’ve had many of them here, disagreeing with my blog posts. Had the ones in denial of who they are, harassing me.

This Twitter sociopath, has written two blogs, both stating how she manipulates, uses people, deliberately being what people want, to use them and then drop them when she’s done with them. Of course there is no empathy, no conscience, no remorse. Just total entitlement to do what she wants, and no regard to human emotions and no concept of considering having decent behaviours.

Yes, people like this are mentally ill, but they do know it is wrong.

There is a darkness within the hearts of these people and a big gaping hole where their soul is meant to reside.

I hate that these personality disorders exist.

They cause so much harm in this world. They cause evil acts of harm and suffering.

I try to avoid Royal Commission, it upsets me so much…but saw this…

At the Royal Commission today, a ‘Christian’ Bishop asked ‘when did sexual abuse become a crime?’. Then backtracked.

This kind of attitude, is absolutely that of paedophile abusers. They don’t want to believe they are committing a crime.

They are disgusting people, who need removing from society and the fact that so many are within churches, disgusts me.

Abuse is far more widespread in churches, than society realises. I’ve only been a Christian 5 years and I have been abused by a pastor, who got a slap on the wrist and as often occurs, the victim is made to feel not welcome and has to leave.

It is abuse of far greater harm, than people realise.

Protecting and harbouring abusers in churches goes on a lot and quite frankly, I think it is outrageous this occurs and that so many pathetic, weak, apathetic so called ‘Christians’ enabled, allow and encourage this to occur. Continue reading