Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Sometimes, you just outgrow people…maturity is not for everyone.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Social media, is awash with people talking about themselves, their needs, their uneducated, uninformed opinions, their biased, self serving views.

I used to watch a lot going on around me and just think ‘wow, really?’.

I knew a lot of human behaviour was not healthy, and I said very little, because I wasn’t informed, wasn’t educated about it. I just had that deep down awareness, that people often acted in ways that I did not think was okay.

I kept my mouth shut, because I don’t speak up unless I am well informed.

And for a long time, I believed this was me, I was the weird one, after all, many stated this was the case.

Now, having studied both through considerable life experience, and through making myself very educated and aware of psychology and the human sciences, I realise how much of that behaviour I knew was not ‘okay’…

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How decades of severe abuse feels, for those who can only understand deep physical pain.

Deep, intense, prolonged emotional and psychological pain, from a severe trauma history, where all the significant people in your life have abused you, from birth onwards – isn’t understood by those who have not experienced it.

Most people, only understand deep physical pain.


Anger is needed in healing & grieving, so bought a punch bag today.

I have never been an angry person, was never allowed to be, and I have always suppressed any angry emotions into depression, and I still do that.

Healing from severe abuse/trauma, will involve anger. Grieving involves anger. And grieving is needed.

Plus when you care deeply about humanity and suffering, this will involve anger – seeing all the abuse, suffering, harm, apathy, selfishness of society all increasing.

Many people think being angry is not okay. Which is rubbish. It is ‘how’ you express and get that anger out that matters.

So, I have bought a punch bag today 🙂

I’ve often recommended this to others and now I am taking my own advice. Now whenever I feel those anger emotions bubbling up, I can go and punch and kick my punch bag.

Going to try it out as soon as hubby has fixed it to the underneath of our deck.

Will be good exercise too, if I do it regularly.

Alice Miller ‘gets it’ – why society is hell-bent on ‘perpetrator protection.’

Wise and insightful words, I see this everywhere and it really depresses me.

I see it in society, I see it in church people. I even see it in my professional support.

Perp protecting, abuse minimizing, apathy enabling = abuse increasing.

Alice Miller calls this “pandemic” – the protection of the perp”…. just that.

Perpetrator protection.

Alice Miller believes that society has been taught to empathise with the criminal for several reasons, one of the main ones…and rather obvious perhaps is “fear and denial”

This also goes with the whole ‘apath’ pandemic which I also very clearly see occurring.

I should read up more on Alice Miller’s work. I like reading insightful, intelligent, ‘like minded’ people’s work.