Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Booked to attend a Writers Conference :)

Booked to attend a writers conference in August and I am pretty excited, albeit nervous too. There are published authors speaking and mentors attending. I checked if suitable to attend when considering writing a first book and it is.

Will be very interesting to gain insight into successful publishing, from those experienced. I know if something is worth doing, seek guidance, seek experienced people, seek wisdom from those who are successful.

I am a self published Website author and successful blogger, but there is big difference, between that and authoring a book.



It’s horrible, to know people with psychopath traits, and not being able to say anything.

I know a lot about psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths and all the traits people display with high levels of all the traits within these PD’s.

I have had it confirmed, validated and I know, I pick up easily on these traits because I have already endured so much abuse by people with these PD’s.

I know people, who have psychopath traits and this bothers me. Even before I researched all this psychology knowledge I now have, I had already been bothered by the ‘red flags’ I detected. But, there is not really anything I can do about it. If I tell the people connected to them, they will think I am crazy. But, not saying something, seems wrong too.

Watching the Baden-Clay murder trial and seeing so clearly how he had psychopath traits, it worries me that in saying nothing, I am doing the wrong thing.

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There’s always a low period, after any period of happiness for myself…


Every time I have a period of happiness, of something good for myself, about myself, it is always followed by a big low of emotions and I have not yet fully processed why.

I know part of it, is due to being conditioned all through my childhood that I didn’t deserve anything good. I only deserved bad things, to be put down, be the family scapegoat – which was severe emotional and psychological abuse.

Part of it is probably my sense of self worth, which is increasing, but still not fully healed from all the damage of so much abuse.

I was so happy yesterday and yet right now I want to cry and I don’t know why. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, so I know this is emotional stuff from the past.

It’s like all the people who have abused me, have programed my mind, to never fully accept good things about myself. Continue reading

It is such an immature mind, that only wants to ‘focus on the good in people’.

Society loves to promote so many unhealthy ways to think.

‘Focus on the good”
‘A beautiful mind only looks for the good in others’
‘Don’t talk about people faults, instead encourage their strengths’
“Always expect good to happen’
And many more like this.

Hardly reality is it.

This is very immature and all about giving yourself an easy life. There is good and bad in all of us. And neither should be ignored.

Yes, it is ‘reality’ that some people do have considerable more bad in them and do terrible things to other people. So, is it okay to avoid, ignore this. No, because that is enabling them.

I’m not ever promoting that we hate people. But ‘ignore the bad in people?’ Really!? That is not the way to help people to be healthy, by avoiding the bad in people.

That is just apathy and choosing an easy path for yourself, and both of these are rife within society. Continue reading