Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


One thing for sure North P. Baptist Church, taught me alot about ‘not’ to do.

I am not going to thank them – I don’t believe in thanking allowing evil to occur. That’s thanking Satan – and that’s never going to happen.

But, the best lessons to learn are always from bad occurring. And all the abuse occurring within that ‘church’ has sure highlighted to me so many issues that occur there and within other churches, especially in these abusive conservative, right wing, churches, who are not Biblical, not Godly.

And I have support about this.

There are SO many things I have learned, by personal experience and by watching them all in action.

And I ‘knew’ in my soul so much was wrong. Thank you Jesus ❤

It has equipped me with so much to be able to help others who have been abused by church people and that is because I am willing to learn and listen and wish to grow in God’s wisdom, and He knows that.

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‘Blind obedience’ and how that leads to so much abuse…yes it does.

This is yet another issue I see within churches…

Especially the conservative, right wing child abusing ones (physical abuse/spanking etc), ‘women must submit and obey their husbands (which is interpreted wrongly/abusively) and the ones that preach crap like ‘you need to teach your children to fully submit, not question, first time obedience etc – because that teaches them to ‘submit to God’.

What a pile of abusive crap. This is just narcissistic/sociopathic behaviours through and through. And absolutely spiritual abuse by saying it is what God wants.

And I’ve seen all this in action at a very unhealthy, ‘abuser protecting’ church. So I have experience of seeing it first hand and I ‘knew’ in my soul this was wrong. Thank you Jesus ❤

I can also see how this leads to children and women being abused further. It is such an unhealthy and dangerous issue to insist and impose on anyone.

No wonder there is so much child abuse and child sexual abuse within churches.

Will be thinking about this some more and how this feeds into all the abuse going on in churches.