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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


My blog, is not a community sounding board to slag off God.

I have received several comments in the last few days, most of which I have not approved – slagging me off, and God – for my faith.

Please know, I will discuss the issues that go on within Churches where the Bible is abused, people are abused. I see this and this is very wrong. Sadly church people abuse others and this is wrong and I do not condone it. But that is due to who they are as people, not due to God.

But this is NOT – I repeat NOT – a community to slag off God, say He does not exists, or slag off His Word.

That deeply offends my soul and to slag me off in the process – insinuating I am stupid, deluded etc – is offensive too.

My faith is rock solid, my relationship with Jesus is rock solid.

This blog is about healing from abuse – not somewhere for people to vent their anti-God issues.