Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Slow and steady…….you are not weaker, if your journey is slower…

Society likes to define people by ‘success’…..often judged by ‘speed’ of success. Very immature ego rubbish, that I see clearly and always have.

Society (and religion) demands those healing from abuse – heal quickly, and the way to heal, is to focus on the positives. And you are weak, by immature society standards, if you don’t. *sigh.

In this healing journey, you need to deal with the pain and grieving of severe trauma, of vile disgusting abuse, of betrayal and abandonment, of deep core wounds. You *cannot’ do all this processing, ‘fast’, or whilst only ‘focussing on the positives.

All that is, is suppression and avoidance. And I know this, because I did exactly that, for 20 years. And I know how damaging that actually was, in the long term. True, full processing and grieving, takes time, and is painful.

I know, part of my role in the work I do, is to point out and explain wrong society/religious expectations, unhealthy views and how that damages healing survivors more. And I will keep doing it. Because I care about the harm, society/religion causes.

Me, I don’t care what the ‘hares’ are up to anymore….except for when they start ‘preaching’, at others to do the same.

I am a turtle, plodding along, withdrawing and hiding in my shell at times, then tentatively poking my head out and taking a few more steps, slowly, but surely.

And I really don’t care if I ‘win’. Unlike the hare, who needed to be the quickest, the best, the success.

My journey is mine, unique, different and not to be compared, or judged and this applies to everyone.