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Comments & Feedback section on my Website :)

I have been diligently working away to improve my PTSD & Complex PTSD Website…

@ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!comments–feedback/c1uq6

And have finally got round to adding a comments facility 🙂

I’ve had amazing feedback over the last 6 months, and I wish I had recorded it all…or added this sooner, but better late than never 😉

But, I am happy to add it now and see how it goes.

I’m so thankful my Website helps many…

Google search today for ‘Complex Trauma’ and my Website came up 4th….out of 67,000,000 results!

Pretty blown away!

Blessed, to bless others ❤




Looking for professionals, willing to provide feedback for my Website. I will link their Websites, with it.

I have some mental health professionals, willing to provide positive feedback, for my Website

@ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/

In return, I am offering to add their Website/Org details, along with the feedback, to be displayed on my Website.

If you are interested, please email me on healingcomplexptsd@outlook.com

Thank you.




I am SO O.V.E.R – people making excuses for abusers.


All my abusers absolutely knew it was abuse.

They all hid it, they would not have done it out in the open in front of anyone, and they all lied about it/denied it.

So, I wish people would stop insulting my intelligence, with all this crap about ‘generational’ abuse, and how they didn’t really know they were abusing me.

People/society/religious people –  can all delude themselves with those lies if they like, to make life easier, to make abuse appear more ‘palatable’ – but I don’t live in denial. Continue reading


What hope is there, when many ‘professionals’ can’t work out what are abusers, really are?

I am seeing a very troubling issue that appears to be pretty common… where mental health professionals, are taken in by abusive people’s manipulation, lies and games..

Which just goes to show, how getting a degree, does not mean someone has insight, or capacity to work people like narcissists out, at all. More added reasons, why abuse continues, when even the ‘professionals’ can’t work out, detect and help the abusers.

This is very troubling to me. Especially when the professionals, will just often dis-regard what the victims is saying, using instead their ‘mental health’ as the perfect excuse.
When often, the victim has a far greater capacity to work out abusive, narcissistic people, than the professionals ever will.
And this will be why victims of abuse, are often be re-traumatised by professionals as well. Because the abuse is minimized, and portrayed as being ‘not that bad’ – by professionals – who have no clue as to the damage these abusive people can truly cause.
I have had so many survivors of abuse letting me know this has occurred to them. Which seriously bothers me, and my desire for abuse survivors to be receiving the appropriate help and support needed….not being re-traumatised and re-victimised, by so called professionals.
Its bad enough trying to deal with the abusers, their apaths, society’s wrong views, ignorance, stigma, all the perpetrator protecting, and religious abuse…..without needing to be concerned with professionals hurting you as well.