Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


It is messages like this, that make me know my work, is needed.

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To know this survivor, now realises she has complex PTSD, and has sought a trauma therapist, based upon my work, is so wonderful and I am so thankful she has this now.

These are exactly the responses that drive me on.

To know people are understanding themselves better, are seeking support and counselling, and they can beginning their healing journey…is so amazing and why I do this.

To know the little ripples I put out there, do reach people in need, do help in a truly profound way – leading to people starting their healing journey, shows how the work I do, is needed, vital and has an impact. As I keep being told.

Bringing in other people’s amazing insight and promoting this, like Pete Walker – to further help people more than I can alone, is also needed. No one person can help as many as a group of people. And I refer to other people’s greater knowledge and insight, and use that with my drive to get the info out there.

I also use my own insight and capacity to express this, in a relatable way to help people too, which is why these blog posts are so popular.

I like to see my work, as a collaboration, of insight, knowledge and experience, providing ripples within an aspect of psychology, still fairly new, and so very needed.

Blessed to bless others.

A survivor sent this message, via Facebook, to add to this

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So sad, how many people have had ‘less than good enough’ childhoods.

I watch Dr. Phil, purely for the psychology aspect. It always strikes me, how profoundly sad so many childhood’s have been and all the many consequences of that.

So many people with many issues, as a result of a bad childhood that should never have been endured. No child should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect and suffering. My heart is heavy, for everyone who has been abused in childhood. Whether intentional abuse, or unintentional. I do know not all child abuse is intentional.

But, the intentionality of the abuse is not relevant in the consequences suffered, through childhood and throughout adulthood.

I think of Robin Williams, who had a ‘less than good enough’ childhood, by his own description. Parental neglect. And the life long consequences he endured including his suicide. He had money to access all the best treatment facilities and yet those childhood wounds, were still raw.

I am aware my own parenting, is far from perfect. I try my best to let my children know they are loved, cherished, safe, will always be loved unconditionally, can talk to me about anything. I teach them empathy, how adults are not perfect and how to deal with negative stuff. I try to teach them resilience, compassion, boundaries, honesty.

All the things I was never taught, shown, modelled. Continue reading


I don’t have it in me, to participate in suicide awareness day.

I can’t hear all the bullshit messages people will be spreading, about how ‘all’ suicide is preventable.

How suicide is selfish, think of the ones you leave behind.

How suicide is weakness.

I am so sick of hearing messages from people, who are not even educated in psychosis and dissociation and how these are severe symptoms of PTSD, CPTSD, Depression, Bipolar.

I am sick of uneducated, entitled, opinionated, people.

I am sick of judgments and being shamed. Continue reading