Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


My new LOGO to tie all my different media/sites outlets together :)


I wanted something simple that would appeal to all.

And it’s my favourite two colours – aqua/turquoise and purple.

It is amazing that the PTSD awareness support ribbon, is this turquoise colour, so that worked out well.

Now everything is being changed to add this 🙂

It looks good on the Website @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/


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I feel most alive, helping other people who are suffering, struggling and in pain.


This is so true.

I don’t care what religion, nationality, race, sexuality, gender etc….

I just want to help people who are suffering, from abuse and trauma – they should never endured and never deserved.

I’ve always known, this is my calling.

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Why this journey often feels ‘wrong’, ‘bad’, ‘scary’ and painful…

I’ve been thinking about why I know I am healing and getting stronger over time…..and yet it often feels ‘bad’, ‘scary’, ‘not okay’ and several other negative emotional states.

I realised, it is because of several reasons;

~ I was taught from a very young age, to feel ‘bad’ about anything good/nice for me. I was taught ‘good’ was only for others. And those deep core beliefs, I still struggle with. 

~ Healing is always about stepping into new territory, which my overprotective PTSD mind signals as danger and scary!  
 ~ This whole journey, means I am having to be vulnerable…..which is way scary!! I have to stand up to people, who can and have rejected, abandoned me…VERY scary to me!
 ~ It is severely painful trauma to process. It is about horrific abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, and abuse from my mother.
~ My hurt inner child, is being ‘allowed’ to feel all her emotions, which is painful. My inner child, is scared, fearful, abandoned.

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C S Lewis – Children are our most important work. I agree.


A few years back, I very clearly remember hearing a whole sermon from a senior pastor at an abusive church, led by abusive, narc/sociopath types….about children..

The message was how children are *not* the most important work we have and they were considered only after a pile of other ‘more important’ priorities.

Well, I knew that was wrong, and was amongst so many wrong messages spewed at that church.

They just want to justify why they neglect their children, along with justifying and enabling all the child abuse; spanking, hitting children from babies onwards, hitting them belts etc as teenagers, shaming them, neglecting them, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse of saying ‘God wants them hurt’ – all abuse. 100%

It is so obvious to me how people

will always find any crap to

justify abusing their children

and preach to others to do the same.

And that happens in abusive churches a lot.

Especially those hard line, right wing, low empathy, low EQ, & low IQ, types of churches, where so much of what they think, is a massive amount of cognitive distortion, about mind control, abusive inner systems and crowd control. Where narcissistic, misogynistic, sociopathic, psychopathic, types of people ‘thrive’…..and worse…breed.  Continue reading


Courage & learning self worth & self compassion.

10636124_10152285037517407_8094806542159594275_n I am owning my story. And it is really fucking painful. It makes me want to die at times, it is that painful.

My story has been denied, lied about and minimized by so many people. People don’t want to accept truth and reality.

I am courageous enough, to accept it, and all it’s vile, evilness. The burning truth of my life, is profound. I have been willing to make myself vulnerable, to do this, which is the greatest courage of all.

My inner child, is proud of me.

She is being listened to, heard,

loved, accepted, validated,

and protected…by me now.

This is a journey I am on and is strengthening over time.

I am also learning to have self compassion and self worth and heal my core inner wounds. Part of this, is to not allow anyone else to disrespect my healing, me, my wise old soul or, my hurt inner child. Having been abused in so many ways, I reject anyone else doing this now. Continue reading

When You Love Your Abuser: Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Bonds

Trauma bonding occurs more than is realised and people unfairly judge people for staying in abusive relationships.
I stayed in an abusive marriage and forgave, over and over.
I did get out in the end. Safely.
But, I do not judge others for being in abusive relationships as I know the psychological reasons.
I do always hope victims of abuse, will find a safe way out.

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They say that when you get burned by fire you don’t put your hand in the hot oven again. But that’s not necessarily the case. Sometimes, it’s the fact of being burned that emotionally bonds you to an abuser. In fact, studies show that emotional abuse intermixed with small acts of kindness can bond some victims to their abusers even more than consistent good treatment can. So far I’ve used the word “victim” to describe the women (or men) who suffer at the hands of psychopaths. Yet I don’t really like this word for several reasons. It tends to imply a certain passivity, as if the woman herself had nothing to do with the decision to get involved with the psychopath or, worse yet, to stay with him even once his mask of sanity started to slip. It’s rare that a psychopath physically coerces a woman to get involved with…

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