Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I am so tired….


This last week, my levels of feeling exhausted, have deepened.

I am doing a little more, but I’m not running a marathon………..it’s just going to the shops, and playing with my young son, who is on school holidays.

But, I am exhausted. Literally having to lie down during the afternoon and so tired in the evening, but not sleepy tired.

I am confused as to why I am feeling more tired, while doing more self care, than when I do less.

I don’t know whether the constant massive anxiety, having more stress going on – is what can ‘keep me going’ normally, so now I am avoiding unhealthy stuff, and not having the hyper-stress that comes with that……means by body is less stressed, less anxious, and just wants to rest.

Which considering my life and all I have been through………..I can understand my poor body physically needing to rest.


I just tried to explain to my husband, it’s not miserable tired, or grieving sadness tired, or thinking bad thoughts type depression……….just total physical exhaustion.

I’m sure there is some psychological term for this…..removing anxiety and stress, doing better self care, but your body collapsing into physical exhaustion………like my body is saying “okay…my turn….you don’t look after me…..and I am falling apart too!”

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Self Care and the need to keep it going, but just in little steps.


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~~~ Healthy Self Care ~~~

What can you do today, or tomorrow, for some self care?

We need to approach self care, in little steps, as it seems so ‘weird’ and ‘foreign’ to so many of us, I know ❤

I’m sewing a sock monkey for my young son today I’ve just finished helping him decorate some Peter Rabbit scenes, with lots of cute stuff. And we both enjoyed it.

Keeping the momentum going, for healthy and positive things to do that are good for my family, and also good for me. Helps my inner child healing.

Also keeping away from the unhealthy people on the internet – I do not have to keep myself updated in what they are doing,  drink lots of water…..a few more self care needs.

Little things are needed, as when I plan too much, it just overwhelms me and I don’t do any of it.

This making me feel worse, a failure and all that stuff.

Which I know, many relate to ❤

Why do so many people want to justify & minimize ‘non intentional’ abuse?

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Why do so many people want to justify & minimize ‘non intentional’ abuse?

The fact is – whether intentional or not – is it still abuse that causes much harm.

Yes, realising that it wasn’t planned can help us with our feelings about the person who abused us..

But, that is not the only issue abuse causes, by far.

It’s like telling a car crash victim, to be okay with the horrific injuries, that have left them in a wheelchair, left them with PTSD and Traumatic brain Injury…..just because the person who caused the crash wasn’t paying attention when driving, caused the crash – but didn’t mean to do it.

Yes, the severely injured person can understand the person didn’t ‘intend to cause the crash..

But, the severe and life impacting injuries are still there, affecting life in a profound way, every day. Continue reading