Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Set up a new ‘Inner Child Healing’ community :)

I am wanting to concentrate on this for a while, and I don’t want to flood my PTSD page with tonnes of inner child stuff, because not everyone in my PTSD community needs inner child healing, or is not aware they do.

So, I am going to split my social media time between two pages now, so I can have more thoughts and time devoted to inner child healing posts, research etc.

My new community is @ https://www.facebook.com/healingcomplextraumainnerchild


I get shared frequently on various online newspapers……but one about humour??!!! lol!


This online humour website, have shared one of my ‘humour I find funny’ blog posts.

I am always surprised at how often people pick my blog posts and share them frequently on various online newspapers,….but a ‘humour’ one??

This is not something I would have ever expected lol!

There’s always a first time, for everything.

Good to have something positive shared, considering I don’t write a lot about the joyful sides of life.


You listening abusers, society, religious people? It is NEVER the victims fault.


This applies to EVERY type of abuse – emotional, mental, verbal, psychological, sexual, physical, spiritual, religious, bullying etc.

No matter what you have been told by the abusers, or their supporters/apaths.

No matter what family or friends have said.

No matter what BS ‘victim blaming’, ‘victim shaming’ society vomits.

No matter what any abusive religious people say.

No matter what you did, what you didn’t do, what you wore, what you drank, what…………anything.

It is N E V E R the victims fault.


The words every abuse/trauma survivor ‘needs’ to hear, and yet many never do.

A post to my page ❤

“In case you have never heard this from anyone, I am so deeply sorry for all you have endured and all the long term consequences, you have been left to deal with.

You should never have endured abuse/trauma and you didn’t deserve it, in any way. No-one does.

I never had anyone say that to me, until I started counselling, and it was a shock to hear it.

But, it needs to be said, to every single victim/survivor of abuse and trauma.

And it makes me sad to think there are people who will go their whole lives never hearing these needed words.”

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

This post received a lot of responses, from people who have not heard these empathic words, and were thankful to read them. Empathy is not common and we do need it.
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Started my day, with creativity with my boys :)

Woke up early this morning and my youngest son who is 5, wanted to do craft immediately, as he is really into it. So, being tired (yucky dreams) I agreed to do this, as long as he could do craft and I would sit with him at the table and colour-in.

He was happy with that, so that’s what we did. My 12 year old got up an hour later, and wanted to join in. So he came and joined us, and did ’12 year old’ drawing.

It was great! The boys had fun, we all sat and were chatting as we enjoyed our individual activities. There was no sibling arguing, no TV on, just relaxed, family fun. And creativity stuff is good for the brain too. Continue reading