Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

I am already a ‘success’ and I am already, all I need to be.

I don’t need to prove any success in life, either with a job, money, status, house size, bank balance, or publishing a book.

Right now, I am already a ‘success’, by surviving all I have endured and still being a loving, compassionate person, who wants to help people every day.

I don’t need to stand up and tell my story, for people to tell me how courageous I am.

I am already deeply courageous, whether anyone else acknowledges it, or not.

I don’t need anyone else’s approval, or validation.

I don’t need to prove anything, to anyone.

I am already, all I need to be, in terms of success.

I have inner success and I know outer success driven needs are only for those who think they need it, because they do not feel they are enough, inside.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Some of my ‘inner teenager’s’ favourite things.


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Margot Fonteyn

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I’ve always loved fairies and truly hoped to find some as a child.

And I love Shirley Barber’s Fairies.


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Why ‘buy’ stuff for my inner child, when I can make it.


I love sewing, although only very basic stuff and one type of clothing I do know how to make, is pillow case dresses and tops.

As I was wandering around Spotlight earlier, looking at material to stretch over canvases, I was admiring all the Christmas materials, thinking how beautiful some would be as little girls dresses and suddenly realised, I can ‘make’ dresses for my inner child.

I picked some beautiful material and some co-ordinating ribbon and will make a pretty dress for Christmas for my inner little girl.

This will incorporate some mindfulness, as I have to really concentrate when sewing, creativity and inner child healing, all at the same time.



I love Jacaranda trees!


Jacaranda trees are beautiful and I love this season when they are flowering and so beautiful!

I’ve decided to start taking photos of all the beauty around me and stop and really take notice of it. Really feel that joy in seeing flowers, beautiful sky’s, the sea, shells, trees, mountains, the simple and beautiful things in life abundantly God creates for us.

It’s so typical of me, that to think about taking photo’s, my mind immediately jumps to thinking about taking them in a more professional way, using the fancy camera we have…

*rolls eyes….I always do this…I make everything complicated and put these expectations on myself of having to everything perfectly, or really well, or it’s not ‘good enough’.

So I’m saying to myself now…sod that…I’ll take photos on my phone and they will be ‘good enough’. Continue reading