Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

My inner child loves these two pages and their posters….they are so cute!



Some of their posters…


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I am definitely a free spirit – totally wise to society’s immature conformity issues & religious abuse/rules.


I am definitely a free spirit……I refuse to conform to society’s immature conventions…or religious people’s abuse and rules…

I am not a mindless sheep.
And all my I have been defined by others as kooky, quirky, special, endearing, odd, different, weird, freak, not a good enough Christian….
Now, I realise that was all such a compliment and due to my inner wisdom and inner strength to see past all the immature BS and know I do not need to be a part of anything that offends and disrespects my wise old soul.

The only person I answer to, is Jesus.

Hetty Johnston AM – Queenslander Of The Year…thanked me for my work :)

I greatly respect Hetty Johnston for her passion and dedication to improving the safety of children by tirelessly working, via politics, law reform, awareness raising, helping victims and more…..all to help reduce child sexual assault/abuse and for perpetrators of abuse to have more appropriate jail time, as currently the legal system is pathetic.

I congratulated Hetty on receiving Queenslander of The Year and I was really thankful to see she dedicated her award to all Aussie children 🙂

And Hetty responded back and thanked me for my work and how together we work towards making Aussie a safer place for children. And she doesn’t respond to many, so I felt very blessed.

I am so thankful she acknowledges my work too and made the time to contact me, especially as she is one of my inspirations and works within an area so close to my heart.

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It’s a sick world when…..

I still stand by how wrong this is.
Victims of abuse are expected to behave perfectly after the abuse they endure……get over it, forgive, not be angry, not voice their disgust, not say abuse is evil…
While the abusers, are mollycoddled, excused, their abuse minimized, no remorse, no repentance, no truth, no honesty…
This is the sick, unhealthy society….in which we exist.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am so sick of living in society and seeing Christianity, perpetuate this crap, that the victims of abuse have to act better and behave better after being abused, far more than the abusers.

There is so much pressure put on victims, to get over the abuse, move on, stop dwelling, forgive quicker blah blah blah……

And you’re deemed to be a failure, a crap Christian if you don’t.

And then the abusers aren’t made to deal with the consequences of the harm they caused at all and do-gooders feel sorry for them, and want society to believe they are remorseful, and that they won’t do it again, and let them off basically with little or no consequences, and little or no justice.

Someone here, wrote a comment that a church had a picture of a known sex offender – who had been abusing kids within a youth group, on…

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