Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


My inner child area I keep all her things and my beloved rag dolls :)

My rag dolls Milly & Molly, who I adore, and cuddle when I am sad and feel scared, and go to bed with me, when needed.


My fairies and girly things I have bought, collected and made.


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I have my ‘ego’ tested every day….and this is my response…


I love to remind people on my pages……..I am indeed *not* awesome, amazing, incredible, wonderful….or any of those ego enhancing, unrealistic, non honest sayings people love to consider themselves.

I read these comments about myself all the time and it is lovely of people to say nice things to me, but I am aware of keepin’ it real!

I am a flawed human being – as we *all* are……..with strengths, weaknesses, good and bad, areas I need to develop, areas already very well developed.

I try to do good and sometimes I succeed.

And I have and want humility.

I am a wisdom seeker, wanting to grow to be all I can be, and I *know* this is a life long journey.

Others have more wisdom than I and I passionately seek this. Others have some different wisdom and many teach me through my journey, not even realising they are my teachers.

I am a lifelong student.

I am not better than anyone, but know I am different to many.

What I am *not* – is awesome, incredible, amazing, wonderful etc

And nor do I want to be.

Nor will I ever be.


Poem – My Hurt Little Me ~ by Lilly Hope Lucario


Poem – My Hurt Little Me

My hurt little me

Hiding deep within

Scared to come out

So scared of more harm


She has endured so much

My hurt little girl

Abandoned, unloved

Abused, never safe


Trusting no-one

Not even adult me

I scolded her often

Repeating the harm

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