Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

We need to be reducing mental health stigma – not increasing it.


This poster – the part written in white letters – is travelling social media. I’ve seen it posted by many people now – all with mental health issues.

Society already believes people

with mental health issues

– are dangerous, potentially violent and crazy.

Which is completely untrue,

and is stigma, media is increasing.

I added the words in red, because people need to realise the harm they are doing by posting this, for all of society to see.

Yes, people deal with their issues with humour – as do I – but there is intelligent humour and there is unwise, harmful humour.

It’s bizarre to me, that I have to point this out to so many people and then have to explain it further to people.

Many people truly do not see past their own egocentric needs – and don’t see the bigger picture at all.


Added…I am pleased to see this was liked by many on Facebook and Twitter and shared a lot too. Good to spread awareness of what is harmful and increasing mental health stigma.

People who have suffered lives enduring decades of abuse, will get this.


I do know I have had good times in my life.

But, I am hoping to have increasingly better times, than in my past.

And I am aware there are millions in the world suffering and will be their entire lives and with no way out of that, due to living where they are.

I am blessed. And I am thankful for that.

But I have suffered and I am not minimizing that anymore.


Posts to my page on my avoidance of being ‘girlie’…

Being feminine/girlie – and the association to abuse…

I never allowed myself to like/be girlie, dress girlie, throughout my adult life, because I associated that with abuse.

Having been sexually abused as a child, to be ‘girlie’ signalled danger. So I have often dressed in strong colours and non girlie type clothing and in the past sexy, but still strong clothing.

But steered completely away from girlie/feminine clothing.

It wasn’t ‘safe’ to be girlie, vulnerable, and I understand that now.

Now I am embracing my girlie side and allowing myself to feel safe within this side of me now.

I am increasingly wearing girlie/feminine clothes and enjoy girlie, feminine things.

If you relate, I understand and I encourage you to embrace your feminine side, if you want to.

Lilly ❤

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It is further trauma, to not be believed, or have the abuse minimized, dismissed.


People will always have their reasons, for not believing someone, or minimizing the abuse, or dismissing it etc.

I’ve had this happen to me, all my life.

Regardless of their reasons (mostly self serving), whether intentional or not…it is extremely painful, more trauma and re-traumatises us.

And that is usually then minimized and dismissed also.

I don’t minimize this, and I know the deep pain of this continual twisting of the knife.

It is my aim, to let people know they have a right to feel their emotions and pain about this.

No matter who tries to shut that down.

We live in a deeply emotionally abandoning society – where abuse victims are continually harmed by society.

I hope to be someone, who does the opposite of this, and validates people’s pain and suffering. I won’t do this perfectly, because I am far from a perfect person, but it is my heart to help victims of abuse understand their emotions, their pain, is valid, and must be respected – most of all – by self.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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I always know which of my posters…won’t be popular. But I don’t write to be popular.


This poster won’t be popular.

Often I have noticed the posters people write that appeal to the ego, the inner child ego state we all have – are the popular ones.

Posters about the reality….we *all* have good, bad and ugly within us – which means we are not ‘amazing’ etc….don’t go down well.

If I wrote to be popular, to have people like me…..that would be narcissism. I accept I will have people not like me because of some of what I write. That’s okay.

I write what I believe to be the truth  because it is what I have faced within myself and I know I need to do this. I am still delving into the depths of my soul. So I share what I am doing myself, because I believe it is needed for others too.

People can choose to ignore it, think it’s crap…that’s okay. I know many will.

If it makes even one person think a little….I’ve done my job. There are people willing to face the immaturity within society and it is those people – these posters are aimed at.