Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

You can indeed judge wrong behaviour/actions…without judging/condemning the person.


There is the difference between discernment and judgment.

There is a difference between judgment and condemnation.

And there is righteous judgment.

It is about the heart and motives behind the judgment.

There is far too much of a push I see everywhere of……’never judge’…

But, is that wise?

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Another request for me to attend a public speaking event to share my story.

Had an email, from someone very kindly asking if I will consider attending a mental health awareness and phone line campaign fundraiser. To share my story as inspiration to others.

It is in the UK, so I can’t…but even if was local – I would currently still have to decline.

I have a huge fear of public speaking! I got married abroad twice – to avoid everyone looking at me! It really is that bad!


My anxiety shoots up just thinking about public speaking. Although, there have been a few times I have had to do it, and I actually did it okay. But, other times I have vomited before hand.

I realise I have powerful message/story to share and if able to do public speaking, it would potentially help more people. I know my capacity to have humour and laugh at myself, would be an added bonus, as people like a little humour in public speaking, even if about something serious.

It makes me wonder if in the future, I should consider a public speaking course, like toastmaster, and get over my fear.

fearRight now, I know I need to just concentrate on myself and my healing and I do enough via the internet.

But, it is something to keep in mind for the future…


Wisdom….is not celebrated by the majority…


I have always known this.

At my last counselling session, I said to my counsellor “you probably have a lot of people disagreeing with what you say”. To which she nodded. My counsellor/doctor is a very wise lady, and has humility and a lot of patience with it.

I have disagreed with her – strongly – and come to realise I was wrong and admitted that – because I do want to grow. And when I have these moments of ‘getting something’ – it opens these flood gates of all the different ways that particular issue is wrong….and then I see it everywhere!

The human ego is a pesky critter.

People are far more wiling to go where their ego will be stroked, than travel on the harder road of wisdom seeking.

The human ego, always gets in the way of wisdom, growth, maturity – unless we are willing to face it – with the inner strength and courage needed to accept we can be wrong, we do need to continually be learning, we do need to seek wisdom.

And I have enough wisdom to know…..I have a lot more wisdom to seek.

And to know that what is usually very popular, crowd pleasing, is usually not wisdom.