Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Lana really does ‘get’ older men/daddy issues.

I am drawn to music, that helps deal with emotions from my past.

There is a lot in Lana’s music she writes herself – about her life, that I understand and have endured. It’s about some of the darker sides of life, that should never occur, in a perfect world. But, this is not a perfect world. It is a fallen world, that I cannot wait to be out of.

Love her or hate her….she is extremely gifted, at expressing the darker sides of life many can have experienced.

It helps me deal with my many issues, caused by so much abuse.

Re-evaluating what I am doing, and making changes, to do what is right for others.

I only ever want to be someone encouraging to others, someone who gives others validation, but also hope. Sometimes, I feel I am not doing that, and that is not okay.

Yes, my honesty about all my emotions, good and bad, are helpful for others to see and it validates theirs, but my continuing and increasing isolating, withdrawal from society and people….is not a message I actually want to give to people. That’s my shit, and I don’t want to encourage that, as being okay or the way forward.

I have been hurt so much in my life, I am unable to deal with people and society and all their issues and mine at the same time. I don’t like seeing all the hurt and harm that goes on and it keeps me in a state of unrest and anxiety.

So, I am going to close down my PTSD page for a while, and make this blog private, for only those to view it that I see understand my journey, but don’t view it as advice.

I feel the responsibility to do what is right for others, even when I can’t do it for myself.

If I need to completely cut myself off in every way possible from people, that is my stuff……..but that is not okay for others and is not healthy advice, or modelling for others in a healthy way.

So, I will do what is right and needed.