Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


It’s Wine o’Clock! I am now drinking alcohol every night….I realise this is not good.

I am now drinking alcohol every night. not enough to get drunk….just enough to get through the evening and to help me sleep. I am thinking about wanting a drink by lunchtime and desperate for it by 6pm’ish. It’s not good I know. I probably should not be drinking at all with the medication I take.

I know when overwhelmed, when I feel alone and feel I have no emotional support…I can end up using and craving my old coping habits.

My husband doesn’t seem to think it’s an issue, so says nothing and that helps me to continue drinking, as I haven’t got anyone encouraging me not to. But, I am a 43 year old woman, I shouldn’t need anyone to help me, or tell me what I am doing isn’t okay.

But, on a positive note, I did get out the house today, I went to the cheap shops and bought a few more cutesy things for my fairy garden and enjoyed that.

I realise my life is about acknowledging/accepting the bad and seeing/appreciating the good.


Staying off social media….to avoid all the abuse about Bill Cosby’s alleged victims.

I see many all rushing to defend Bill Cosby….all automatically assuming/judging the victims to be lying, looking to see how to discredit them.

Most failing to realise that potential victims who are not credible…..are exactly the types of people sexual psychopaths hone in on….they are very manipulative.

Society’s needs for perpetrator protecting and victim shaming…..in full swing.

Is Cosby guilty? I don’t know…..and I’m not going to express an opinion, but I’m not going vilify the alleged victims when I personally don’t have any evidence either way.

And neither does anyone else have any evidence, but many still feel entitled to spout an opinion that hurts people, with no remorse, no conscience.

Cosby deserves to be heard in court and so do the victims, until then….no-one actually has a right to an opinion, because it isn’t based on facts or evidence.

Freedom of Speech is not meant to = Freedom to Be A Narcissist/Media&Social Media Bully/Sociopath

Sadly many revel in what they assume is…..’Their Freedom To Be A Nasty Asshole’.

Many people have no clue as to the depth of their own mental health issues.

When my case against a sadistic sexual psychopath went to court, I got called everything under the sun by the local press.

They were vicious and completely wrong and he was found guilty, but the trauma of the court hearing and the press and everyone’s gossip etc, was horrific.

I didn’t need that on top of all the severe trauma I had already endured for 4 years.

So, I have first hand experience of the trauma caused by other people’s opinions.