Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

When most people are incapable of self honesty, why would I trust people?


Honesty and self insight are not common.

I’ve seen so much of humanity acting badly….I see it frequently, and I am not oblivious to it like many.

I accept people are different, people have different levels of maturity, wisdom.

I accept all people are very flawed individuals, including me. But, having self insight and courage for this….is something I do have. I am very honest about my issues and yet so many people rarely stop to consider what are their issues…

I can see a lot in human behaviour.

I see people are deluded about self.

I see people lying to themselves, to avoid seeing what they don’t want to see.

I see people lying and self deceiving.

I don’t hate people for this, or even dislike them….but I won’t trust them, or choose to have them in my life.

The world of self published authors and their ego’s….

Human behaviour fascinates me…people are bizarre and mostly have nooooo self insight into this.

I have been warned about the self publishing world, and their ego’s and narcissism.

A classic example occurred today. A very immature woman who has self published a book…was very defensive about a post I linked about a celebrity using her daughter as a fashion victim and how it is not healthy, or good parenting. The celebrity herself, being a classic blindingly obvious narcissist.

A few comments went back and fore, I explained further what I believed, the ‘author’ got more defensive, projecting her issues, saying I would likely ‘unlike’ her, making assumptions- wrongly and then un-liked me. Then she proceeded to make childish comments on her author page (so professional, not), after blocking me of course…….with several other ‘authors’ joining in this petty childishness. How sad.

The ‘author’ also claimed that my quotes I write, are egotistic and for someone to slap her if she ever does that. Ummmm…writing a book you want everyone to like and be successful….is that not indeed egotistic??? It’s like a massive big long ‘quote’ of what you want others to read and think is great. Such hypocrisy and such projecting and noooo self insight into that. All narcissism. Continue reading

One indicator of maturity, is self control and not making assumptions…


I have learned this and I see virtually every person making assumptions, based on little evidence to support them.

It takes self insight, to know we do this, and a willingness to mature……..to want to become more mature.

This is just many ways that emotional maturity level, can be discerned.