Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I desperately wish I had a mother or sister or someone. Anyone.

I would do anything to have someone in my life, who loves me. Someone I could talk to that I know loves me, no matter is going on. I need this the most when things are really bad. When I can’t cope. I desperately need someone to hug me and tell it will be okay and they will be there for me and never leave me.


Being alone is so cruel.


Narcissists, hate it when people have insight into narcissism…

I have skill in detecting traits in people and those with high levels of those traits, will hate me as a result.

One of my worst fears, is my children ending up narcissistic, self serving, liars, manipulators, selfish, non compassionate, ‘using’ people, incapable of actual real love, being husbands who have affairs, lie to & provoking their wives and children etc….because their father is all this.

His first wife still has no idea how many affairs he had when they were together. While living with and not separated from my first husband, I never cheated on him. And I’ve never cheated on this husband. But, I have no trust that he hasn’t cheated on me. When I know he has no remorse about all the affairs he had in his first marriage. When he even cheated with his own Uncle’s wife and ripped the family apart – and has no remorse about that either.

I didn’t know all about this, until after I’d already had our first son and he lied about that to me about all this too. Until he had to admit it because I found out.

Why would I ever trust him, when I know what a liar he is. When even our 12 year old, knows what a liar he is.

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Glad the Pope has the guts to say all fundamentalist churches, are no better than ISIS.


I am definitely liking Pope Francis, more and more.

I believe all very right wing, conservative, fundamentalist churches/church people, are actually not of Christ at all, and do more damage to Christianity and how secular society view God….than atheists.

They are often very abusive in their views and push people away from Christ.

Which is Satan’s work and they follow that path, not the path with Christ.

They won’t ‘hear’ that of course.