Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Thankful to be able to explain things in a way that others relate & are validated.

I wrote the above post (you need to be logged into Facebook to see it) and the comments received, are the reason I do this…..because it helps people and it matters to people.

A few of the comments really highlights this..

This is so helpful. I’m single, so don’t have a clue what my sleep behavior is because there’s no one to tell me.

I didn’t realize this. Makes sense now.

Wow i never remember my dreams but wake to that feeling every day

This makes so much sense! You have explained exactly why I feel awful in the morning!

Your posts have been so helpful as I embark on this new journey after being told I am suffering from ptsd and depression. I’ve spent the better part of my life suffering wondering what was wrong with me, feeling desperate, alone, and crazy. Always fearful that if I told anyone how I really felt what was really going on they would lock me up and throw away the key. It’s hard to explain how or why but these posts. Do help me feel not so alone, not so crazy. Thank you.

Love this site!! thankyou for explaining stuff that I have been experiencing for years.

This almost brought me to tears, you understand, you really do…

Much needed answer! Thank you so much!

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Scott Morrison in charge of welfare…….’Stop The Bludgers’…..oh God help us!

I hate politics, I really do.

But, you can’t avoid it all, because it affects your life.

Scott Morrison wants to ‘Stop the Bludgers’………we know what that means…….’everyone’ will be affected, not just the bludgers.

I claim Disability Support Pension……..which I had to fight for, prior to Morrison being in charge….

I wonder if he’ll get confused and just ship all us bludgers off to Manus, or Nauru????

Shall I just book my flight now….?

Hopefully anything he proposes that affects everyone, genuine people, as well as bludgers……will not get passed and get shelved, like some of the other ‘lower income discrimination’ politics, like the education reforms…

Very thankful to receive my review copy of of Daniela F. Sief’s book.

Daniela invited me to read her book recently published.


It is written as a valuable resource for clinicians, researchers, mental health professionals, as well as lay readers….so will be challenging for me to read, being as I am a survivor, not a mental health professional.

But a challenge I very much welcome.

I am very thankful and have much gratitude, to receive a review copy.

Please don’t put me on a pedestal…..I can guarantee I will fall straight off it…I am not someone to rely on.


It worries me when I have messages from people saying they rely on my posts on social media to survive every day, and my posts have ‘saved their life’ and how amazing I am.

I worry because I do not want anyone putting me on a pedestal and relying on me, because I will fall straight off that pedestal, and I am not amazing at all.

And I am not an expert in trauma, or PTSD and I don’t claim to be.

I have a lot of stuff I am still working through and I am not amazing and I don’t believe anyone is.

This need to see someone as a ‘guru’, and put people on pedestals, and become reliant on them….is understandable, but not healthy, and I know this, because I learned this the hard way….repeatedly…..because apparently I need to make the same mistakes over and over before I learn from them!

I am not someone people should become dependent on……I am in this journey too…..still trying to heal…..still screwing up at times….still learning…..I am not a professional…….or an expert, at all.

I share my journey, so others know they are not alone and maybe to understand themselves a little better.

Thankful I am able to create somewhere people can share their struggles at this time of year.

This time of year, is not fun and joy for everyone. And I am someone who doesn’t just focus on my own needs, I try to be there for others too, because I know what it is like to be alone, and in emotional pain.

I empathise with many reasons why this time of year is do hard and I am thankful to be able to create somewhere safe – as safe as I can keep it – where people can express this, and not feel judged, invalidated and shamed. But feel validated and understood.

And also provide some links to info and tips to help manage and cope, that may help.

But, mostly people don’t want to be told how to cope……they just want someone to understand…..and I know this, because I get fed up with people who want to ‘fix’ my issues….but fail to just have empathy and just understand.

Validation, empathy and understanding…..is what so many people crave and need.

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‘WRAP’ – how some institutions treat youth in detention centres in US. Torture, severe abuse, trauma.


I’m not going to post the picture, because it was very distressing for me to see, and will be for others.

There is not a lot that goes on in this world that surprises me, but it still always shocks me.

It is fucking disgusting that people are treating others like this, especially youths.

These people are psychopaths committing this torture to others.

I don’t care what these youths have done, and yes I’m sure many have committed some shocking and terrible things themselves…..but no-one deserves to be treated this way whilst in detentions centres, prison etc.

I don’t even want paedophiles bashed in prisons, despite being raped by one countless times over a period of years….because I don’t believe in planned harm caused to others, retaliation, or an eye for an eye etc. My mind isn’t wired that way, never has been. Prison- yes, not allowed back out to re-offend – yes, society and future victims protected – yes, ……but harmed, abused, tortured – no.

There are far too many sick people in this world. It outrages me, that so many are doing this to others, and others stand by and watch and do nothing.

Humanity, can be very sick, sick individuals.

That need within people to harm others, is sick.

The people committing these acts, all need to be in prison themselves. All of them.