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“Mark Driscoll is back and wants your money”

I knew he’d be back…….I can predict narcissistic/sociopathic, shameless, false teacher, wold in sheeps clothing actions. Why? I know and endured one. Who models himself on Driscoll – funnily enough. They don’t quit and give up, unless you force them to. That need within them to keep satisfying their dark needs, keeps going…because they are incapable of addressing their issues.

Unwise people – who like his non biblical views, will still follow him, like sheep…..all serving Satan.

This is the list of all his many sins showing the narcissistic and sociopathic behaviours, and these were all upheld in an internal investigation and instead of entering a restoration process…..Driscoll had a tantrum and resigned. Unable to face his own behaviour……which is not repentance or Godly, Christian behaviour.

Click to access FormalCharges-Driscoll-814.pdf


Mark Driscoll, the blue jeans-clad,  controversy-plagued former lead pastor at Mars Hill Church, has resurfaced with a new website, just eight days before the Seattle based mega church he co-founded formally dissolves.

The website, its layout bearing striking resemblance to that of his former church, is offering “free exclusive resources directly from Pastor Mark Driscoll” for those who sign up. The initial offering is a Christmas-themed e-book, “The Boy Who is Lord: Jesus’Birth in Luke’s Gospel.”

The Driscoll site also asks for gifts, saying: ”Your tax-deductible donation allows us to continue hosting and distributing Pastor Mark’s Bible teachings and resources.”

The donations “apparently go to something called Learning for Living, described as ‘an application-pending registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible in full or in part,’” Warren Throckmorton reported on Patheos.

Driscoll took an “extended focus break” from Mars Hill in late August, and resigned on Oct. 15. The church announced 16 days later that it was dissolving.  Driscoll has surfaced just once since, in a cameo appearance at the Gateway Church Conference in Dallas-Fort Worth that he was once slated to keynote.

Driscoll related tales of threats and persecution.

The resignation followed an implosion, from charges of plagiarism to Mars Hill’s paying $200,000 to a consulting firm to put Driscoll’s book “Real Marriage” onto The New York Times bestseller list.  This was accomplished by purchasing 11,000 books and disguising the methods of purchase.

A group of 21 former pastors and elders at the mega-church brought charges of bullying and intimidation against Driscoll, which were sustained in an internal investigation.

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