Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

To know I have helped someone be more confident in their therapy…..matters.

it matters

A comment to my page today…

” ❤ Thank you! Your insights, honesty, love and compassion have so helped me stay on track, and giving me more confidence with my therapy! You are an Earth Angel ❤ “

I am not an angel, but I am happy to share in a way that helps others to feel more confident to speak up in counselling and about the issues they face.

I’m always so thankful to read people have started having better boundaries, are seeking trauma focussed therapy, realising their needs, having better self care, dealing with the shame for what happened to them – which is not ours to feel etc….and due to what I have shared.

It all really matters to people and so many like me mostly socialise via the internet, so to help those people…. the internet is where to write and share.

This means people’s lives are improving.

And that really matters to me.

I want people’s lives to improve.

I don’t tell people what they should do, how to heal, or pretend to be a counsellor….in fact I make it very clear I am not. I share my own struggles, down times, weaknesses.

But the power of simply sharing my own journey, helps others, validates others, encourages others.

And for that, I am truly so thankful.

And I always remember the star fish story….it’s never about numbers……and it’s worth trying, because it always matters to that one. It always matters to someone. And that person, is always worth it.

Climate Change……Gonna listen to the Pope – Tony Abbott, Cardinal Pell????

It gets better and better………..I just love Pope Francis……he really does have balls, maturity, wisdom….

And his beliefs are completely the opposite of the pathological liar, psychopathic Aussie PM – Tony Abbott – who himself claims to be a Catholic…………and also the opposite of the beliefs of Cardinal (protect all paedophile priests) Pell….the former Aussie Catholic Head guy.


“Pope to issue 2015 edict on climate change guaranteed to anger deniers”