Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


My Jung based archetype is the Sage…

archetype carl jung

Did a ‘which Jung archetype best describes you’ quiz and this was the answer….

You’re the sage!

 According to Carl Jung, the sage represents wisdom and the search for truth.

You are wise beyond your years, patient and a deep thinker. You’re driven by a thirst for knowledge. One of your greatest fears is being ignorant, misled, or duped.

You’re incredibly intelligent but you risk over analyzing until you’re incapable of actually making a decision.

You’re an old soul and wise beyond your years, but Jung would tell you don’t get lost in the clouds!

I actually agree with most of this……..I do have a deep thirst for the truth and wisdom.

I definitely have a fear of being ignorant, misled or duped! For sure!

I have been told I am wise beyond my years…..I do over-analyse sometimes….I do get overwhelmed by this and then cannot cope with making a decision.

I have been told I am an old soul, and I am also an INFP type which does mean my head is on the clouds sometimes.

The only thing I disagree with is the patient part…..I don’t consider patience ones of my virtues. But, I realise this is due to PTSD too. But, I am becoming more patient…….the fruits of the spirit growing.

I also know, I am several archetypes, within one soul…..and this is just one of them.

I am also the caregiver, orphan & explorer too. But, I think the sage is my more dominant archetype.

A list of them all….

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Bought my inner child a card & bookmark, from a mother to a cherished daughter.

After reading a great way to help our inner child healing….to buy cards with wording we wished we heard in our childhood…… I decided to give this a go.

So, the result being me filling up with tears, trying desperately hard not to cry, in the middle of a busy newsagents…..because I was reading a card with beautiful, loving words a caring mother would send her daughter. **Cue deep emotions…tears…

Had to hide amongst the card stands for a few minutes while I pulled myself together……I’m sure I probably looked very suspicious! : **rolls eyes..

I also saw bookmark in the same range, with different, but equally emotive wording for a much cherished daughter.

So, once I had pulled myself together and stopped hiding out looking like some petty thief up to no good…..I went and paid for them.

Then left thanking God that I didn’t get stopped for suspicious behaviour and my bags searched! Phew!

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New Year’s Eve 2015

All my social media have seen a recent explosion again in numbers and views, and this blog is having an explosion too!

3,250 views so far for today!! On New Years Eve.

And over 355,000 views since May 2013.

Considering the subject matter, it’s pretty amazing really and I can’t downplay, minimize and ignore that. I don’t write about pleasant things like cooking, fashion, positivity is everything stuff….subjects popular in society.

I write about unpleasant, often horrific taboo subjects, many in society prefer to ignore.

It shows how much people want to read all I post and the need for this.

I have no idea what 2015 will bring, I stopped planning and thinking I knew what would happen some time back.

My hope and prayer, is 2015 brings my family and I – better health, more love, more empathy, peace, greater wisdom and joy.

That is my hope and prayer for all and the world needs far more of this.

I will keep writing and sharing, as is my passion and keep praying & trusting it reaches those it needs to reach and they feel comforted, validated and understood a little and can understand themselves a little more. And pray this acts as inspiration or comfort, or what each individual needs.

I have gone through so much in 2014….hurt a lot, cried a lot, learned a lot, grown a lot, grieved a lot and written a lot.

May 2015, continue to be what myself and everyone needs it to be…..and more importantly – what God needs it to be ❤

❤ ❤


What the Bible says about abusive people and how to deal with them.

Interesting reading and something I have thought about also. Nowhere does Jesus tell us to run after abusive people, ignore their abusive ways and keep being harmed by them either…

We can forgive, have compassion, show grace, show mercy……whilst also keeping away from them, to protect our own hearts, souls and healing.

Jesus does NOT ask us to be martyrs,

to the abusive needs of others.

Spiritual food for thought…

“Nowhere in the Bible are we instructed to ‘psychoanalyze’ offensive/abusive people.

We are not told in the Scriptures to try and ‘understand’ why our abuser behaves as he/she does. We are not told to excuse /hisher abuse because he/she herself was an abused child, he/she has ‘issues,’ low self-esteem, ‘personality disorders,’ etc.

Instead, we are taught how to respond to abuse, and how to deal directly with offenders and their behaviour, regardless of their ‘reasons.’

We are told, very clearly, to rebuke, to forgive if there is repentance, and to have nothing to do with them if there is no repentance. (Luke 17:3, Ezekiel 33:8-9, Titus 3:10-11, 1 Timothy 5:20, Matthew 18:15-17)”