Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


The cognitive distortions that take away individual responsibility, for harm caused.

It isn’t politics, or religion, or race, or wealth etc………that divides and harms people…

I see this immature belief everywhere.

It is the mental health issues and often personality disorders issues – of a certain number of people, who choose to abuse each of these, for their own dark needs.

It is ‘people’ that cause harm.

We need to stop making excuses &

broadly shifting the blame away

from individual responsibility –

to politics, race, religion, wealth etc.

Put the blame where it needs to be….to those individuals, who cause the harm and their own individual mental health, heart and soul issues.

Individuals, should be accountable and responsible for their own actions.

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Solitary, isolated souls……have often endured great harm, from dangerous people.

too close

And if multiple dangerous, abusive people…..the distance become greater and is a survival need, others mostly fail to understand.

Other will push their view, that being in relationships is needed…..and maybe it is for them….but staying isolated, can be a matter of life, or death……for those who have endured too much severe harm….from too many people.


I have no idea what love within a healthy relationship, feels like.

toxic parents

I have no idea what it is like to have this type of love ^^. Real and genuine love from parents. Or anyone.

I didn’t have that in my childhood, I had the opposite.

I accept, as a result, I absolutely do know harm and abuse and all the red flags for that and all the deeply painful consequences…..but I do not know what it feels like to be loved in a genuine, others centred, cherished way.

I accept I never will. I have always sought out people who will harm me, with their selfishness, their ego’s, their narcissism etc.

I didn’t know until recently, this is what was happening or why, and this still does not in any way take the responsibility of those who harmed me, away from them. They made choices to harm me, regardless of what I was doing. It also doesn’t minimize the effects of all their abuse and it is too late to go back and do my life differently.

Hindsight, is painful, cruel, when you have lived a life, like mine.

I accept healthy relationships are not ‘my thing’…..because I’ve never had any.

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People who can’t see straight through these mega-churches and TV evangelists….

So many people lap up the false teachings of people like Joyce Meyer, Mark Driscoll, Hillsong…….yet I can see straight through them, to their real motives and ‘who’ is really driving them……..and it isn’t Jesus.

I only read one of Joyce Meyers books…….and I was so excited to read it – as her on stage charisma is strong…..and 3/4’s of the way through the book, I knew this was not okay, or right, or what Jesus wanted me to be taking in. And I’ve had that discernment validated.

I’ve seen a few of Hillsong’s ‘messages’ and knew immediately this was not Godly, and nor was all the hype they promote for their music ‘industry’ and their sinfully interpreted prosperity message. It didn’t surprise me to read Hillsong was founded by a paedophile, and his abuse was covered up.

Mark Driscoll, well I had my doubts about him from the start……..and I know exactly what he is.

There are 1000’s of people who claim to be Christians, being taken in by these false teachers…….which shows how little discernment, how little maturity of faith so many have.

And the human sinful need to go with the flow of the popular and yet false messages of many. And the reason they are popular……..is because they suit sinful needs.

The devil doesn’t come dressed

in a red cape with pointy horns….

He comes looking like everything

you want him to be,

caters to all your desires

& all too often speaks from the pulpits

of many willingly sinful flocks. 

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Some humour that made me LOL today :)

The counselling centre I attend, send out a newsletter and a recent one stated having a sense of humour is needed to cope with life….

I’m not quite sure if my doctor/counsellor meant this kind of humour……….ahhh well……….it makes me smile!! 😀


Bahahhaha!!! This ^^ made me really laugh…so my (warped) sense of humour!!


Yeah……  ^^^^  WTF!!!


Good enough excuse ^^^ for me teehee!

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