Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Some good news! An abusive, manipulator, lying ‘minister’, gone from my life :)

Had a little dicky bird email me (and yes I think I know who you are 🙂 )  ~ let me know a certain narcissistic pastor has left where I live and is now in another state.

Whilst I am concerned for all the people at the little church he is now at….I also do realise I need to leave all that with Jesus….it is no longer my issue to deal with and Jesus has bigger shoulders than I have. And He will make sure it is dealt with and I hope people there learn what they need to learn.

I am relieved, they are gone, I will not have to see them for many years to come and I actually think people are removed from your life for a reason sometimes.

I moved countries to be safer, and felt that safety very much violated, by an abusive pastor, wolf in sheep’s clothing still being in the vicinity of my life.

And now he’s not…..praise God!!

My safety ~ is back.

And who knows, maybe that was God’s plan.

Now I feel safer again. And that does feel good. My safety is an important need to me. No-one abused, wants to have to see their abuser….it causes triggers an emotions and no-one deserves that.

As for all those who blindly accepted his lies. I feel sorry for them. They were duped and lied to as well. And my doctor/counsellor, a highly regarded wise Christian ~ much demand for her wisdom, absolutely knows exactly what him and his wife are….she saw them in action too………and there was no doubting their lack of faith, their marriage issues, their lies, their narcissism and manipulation. And that is all the validation I need.

And I did more than was really necessary of me, to try and deal with situation to stop others getting hurt. So, I am content with my heart in it all.

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It is not judgment to have a whole range of emotions about abusive people….so do NOT tell me it is.


I wrote a post on my page about this, because I am really over people telling me ‘not to judge’.