Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Tina & Amy’s ‘Bill Cobsy’ jokes at the Golden Globes…….are not funny either.

As much as I do believe there is enough evidence to say Bill Cosby is very likely to be a sexual predator & serial rapist……..I don’t think his jokes about this were funny/okay……and neither do I think the jokes made by Tina and Amy at the Golden Globes, were either.

Yes, they were making a stand……but rape is ‘never’ something to joke about.


It is never okay to make something as dark and horrific as rape…..into something funny, or to joke about…..in any form.

Humourising rape, is normalising it………which is exactly where society is heading. Many forms of abuse are being normalised; porn, abuse, rape…..

That is all simply colluding with darkness.



The bizarreness of my life continues….only with deepening bizarreness….whole new levels of bizarreness…

I had the most bizarre conversation of my life today in counselling. Very needed, but really bizarre.

Details, I am not going to divulge here, because they do not only involve me and I’m not divulging other people’s deeper psychological stuff here.

But…………my life is so bizarre……that all I can say is…..being honest and having to speak about things in a very frank and honest way…..when you have had my life……..is…….well……..I don’t even really have words to describe it.

The good part is ~ I am now so accepting of things in my past and present life, in a way that no mater how horrific and how painful….enables me to actually speak about them.

Plus, I have asked Jesus to help me speak about things that I need to talk about, rather than what ‘I’ think I should talk about…

And interestingly what I thought I was going to talk about….didn’t happen. Not quite sure how that happened, but anyways, I guess that other stuff can wait.

On a different note, it was validating to hear my views on things like the French issue currently occurring, is the right path…and that my wisdom and understanding are continually deepening.

But, I did not plan to speak about what I did today……which probably was a good thing……although now I am in a bit of shock I think……that I actually spoke about some things…….which quite frankly………….are really fucking bizarre.


I too slam capitalism…..I am in agreeement so far with everything the Pope speaks of.


In an interview with Italy’s Sunday morning paper, La Stampa, Pope Francis, champion of the poor and middle class, slams capitalism and his haters like never before, saying that taking a stand against the world’s growing crony capitalism isn’t “pauperism,” but rather the message of Jesus.

“Jesus affirms that you cannot serve two masters, God and wealth. Is it pauperism? Jesus tells us that it is the ‘protocol’ on the basis of which we will be judged, it is what we read in Chapter 25 of Matthew: I had hunger, I had thirst, I was in prison, I was sick, I was naked and you helped me: dressed me, visited me, you took care of me.”

“This is the touchstone. Is it pauperism? No, it is the Gospel. The Gospel message is a message open to all. The Gospel does not condemn the rich but idolatry of wealth, that idolatry that renders [us] insensitive to the cries of the poor.”

So, to any confused bible-thumping conservatives out there who might be reading this, let me put it in layman’s terms: worshiping money that crushes 99% of the world and sends hoards of people into abject poverty is bad and extremely anti-Jesus. If someone who is actually a true man of God (or even if they aren’t) talks about it and speaks out against it, they are not a Marxist communist, socialist, redistributionist who hates personal gain and competition. Just don’t be a selfish, greedy jerk.

According to the National Catholic Reporter, this interview, as well as a few others Francis has given over the course of his papacy regarding capitalism, will be transformed into a book by two La Stampa‘s Vatican reporters, Andrea Tornielli and Giacomo Galeazzi.

More from the interview, translated from Italian courtesy of NCR: Continue reading

I would love to spend a year with the Pope, just listen, hear him.


There is something very special about this man.

I would love to just be able to spend time with him every day.

Just listen, not speak (it would be really hard for me not to speak) and just hear his thoughts.

And I’m not even Catholic.

I’m not any denomination.

I don’t believe in all this denomination crap.

But wanting to be with wise people, is something I crave.