Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

I have to force myself to have better self care….but it is a needed journey.

I’ve decided I am limiting my time spent on my trauma/abuse pages, to every other day. And that’s a big change for me, as I have spent 2 years being on my pages, every day.

There is a facility on FB pages…..where I can put posts on timed, to post throughout the day. So the day I am on there, I can set some posts to timed for the next day….and then there is no need for me to be on there the next day.

This frees me up to have more time away from trauma and abuse related thinking and to have some balance.

I want to help people and reach out and I know it does help people. So I want to continue that and I do see it as my little ministry to help those, who like me use the internet to communicate and reach out.

But…..as the saying goes….

Do what you can what what you got…

And when you can do better….

Do better.

My care is improving slowly…….and all progress, is freakin’ progress.


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If you only want to be in my life, when I am down….

A person who only wants to be in your life….when you are down…but can’t be happy for you when you doing better….is someone you do *not* need in your life.

Selfishness, envy and narcissism comes in many forms…some less obvious than others.

No matter how dark times have been for myself…..I have always been so thankful and happy for others when they are doing well, and encouraged that.

And I only want people in my life, who are the same.

I don’t want people in my life, who can’t be happy for those who are healing.

I only want people with genuine hearts, with empathy and love for others.

So when someone exits my life….because I am not remaining in the same place they are…..

It actually is a gift to me.

fairy God