Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Over 400,000 views on this blog.


My blog just went over 400,000 views…

I can’t deny…..that is pretty amazing…..for a blog that is about unpleasant stuff… abuse, trauma, child abuse, sexual abuse, suicide, abusers… etc.

I am thankful my Blog and all I write and share, is supported by so many, including many mental health professionals who work within the trauma field.

I realise, I really need to get my stuff into a book.

Thank you to everyone who supports all I do and my passion to help others!

Much love, Lilly ❤ ❤

I have no need to try to ‘compete’ and believe my trauma, is ‘as bad’ as others have experienced…

I don’t understand this big issue some people have with getting upset at their trauma, possibly not being considered ‘as traumatic’ ………. as the trauma others have experienced.

Some get very upset as the view that their own trauma…… is not ‘the worst’ it can be.

Which I find quite bizarre.

I have the empathy to completely see e.g. that a young child who has been sold into child prostitution, or child porn, or child slavery……has endured far greater trauma than I have.

I have no issue at all with accepting that would be far greater trauma and depth of abuse…. than I have experienced.

I have great empathy for a person who has endured worse than I have.

And I have no ‘need’ to try to compete and need to believe that my trauma, is ‘as bad’.

It’s called empathy for others…….. and living in reality.

But, it is interesting how many people cannot think this way.

I need a self cleaning, self weeding garden ;-)

I love my gardens and my yard…. 😀

I love the creating, transforming, the buying and the planting 😀

I love the watering 😀

I love admiring it all and thinking how bootiful it all looks! 😀

But….. this is my face about the weeding part…. the sweeping part…… the raking up the leaves part….



I wrote a post on my personal FB page, about this and what a ‘princess’ I can be……

And that I need to just ‘suck it up princess’ and get out there and do the bloody weeding!

Or the ‘bladdy’ weeding….. as the Aussies say… *giggles! 😉


The ongoing validation and feedback from professionals, is helpful.

I receive a lot of feedback, daily on what I share and write.

The feedback I receive from professionals in the trauma field…. is always helpful to me and helpful to those I write for.

To have feedback stating what I write is wisdom and incredible perception, from many mental health professionals, many with Ph.D’s and a wealth of experience working in the trauma field… means a lot to me.

It means I do not have a delusional view, or an over-inflated view of my insight and wisdom into trauma, abuse and healing.

And it means I am on the right track, to help people – which is my passion.

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Daniela has kindly stated that I have “incredible perception” and ‘liked’ this post I wrote for my community…. (you need to be logged into Facebook to see this).