Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

So relieved! :)

Counselling session went well. Really well. I am so relieved to know my doc/counsellor has pretty much exactly the same views as me, about physical discipline / child abuse. Phew!

Can’t explain how relieved I am to hear that!

And  thankful, to have all the other things that have mulling around in my mind recently – validated as healthy thinking/beliefs, due to my own transformation/growth over the last 3 years….. all because I choose to take that inner journey, accept with honestly where I need to change and because I have taken responsibility for my healing/transformation/growth.

And it confirmed I have discernment and wisdom continually increasing.

Also good to hear that my need for solitude and why, is healthy.

And the approach I am taking with my husband and my family, is healthy, positive and wise.

And mostly that my understanding of God, is very healthy.


Put the responsibility for rape/abuse …. 100% where it NEEDS to be……. with the rapists, or potential rapists.


All this victim blaming BS,

about how women should be the ones

responsible for not getting raped…

Needs to stop!

This suggestion that men cannot control themselves, is BS.

Yes they can.

And in fact, it is quite shaming to men….

To suggest that they cannot be in

control of their urges, and they

cannot help but to want to rape women.

Or abuse children.

Or any abuse.


The responsibility for abuse…..

Is ALWAYS that of the abuser.


Stop this evil of victim blaming

& victim shaming.

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I don’t know what I am going to do, if I hear the words I don’t want to hear, in counselling today.

I am completely secure in my understanding…. that any ‘planned’ intent to harm others repeatedly, and justify it as okay, and enable and encourage it, and have no conscience and no remorse about that harm caused……. is sociopathic/psychopathic traits.

So, anyone who chooses physical punishment/discipline as a parenting strategy…….. and has no remorse about the physical pain – plus the emotional and psychological pain – they are inflicting…….. has sociopathic traits.

I do not think they are full blown sociopaths, or psychopaths……. but they have a level of traits – that is unacceptable to me and I cannot condone, ignore, excuse, or have that in my life.

Church people, can be the worst for condoning child abuse and I hate that. I hate that they harm children, I hate that they portray God as a sociopath/psychopath too.

I am aware, that people who lack empathy, lack conscience, lack remorse and enable abuse…… have darkness within them, that also means they are capable of other abuse and harm too.

So, now I have asked the question, as to whether my doctor/counsellor condones, enables, encourages child abuse/physical discipline …… I have to deal with the outcome of what the answer may be.

I’m aware some may say I am being judgmental, too hard on people, asking this question is inappropriate ….. blah blah blah…

No, that is not correct.

I ‘do’ need to know…………. and I do not think everyone who hits their children, is bad or evil……. they just have darkness in them….. that they often won’t accept, and prefer to condone……. and this lack of self insight and lack of empathy, conscience, remorse…… quite frankly, is something ‘I’ have integrity to know, is very wrong, is evil at work, and I cannot have that in my life.

I have to care about people with that darkness in them……. from a big distance.

I cannot …… and will not ……. condone child abuse. Of any kind.

And I don’t want to hear all the pathetic churchy justifications ……..  ‘as long as it’s done with no humiliation, and not done in anger’ blah blah blah…

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Peace…… is not found in people.

I realise, I am very content in my own company and very much need it.

Not everyone needs solitude and I understand that…….. but I do.

Even the great Carl G Jung, needed his solitude and stated it made his life worth living.

People who ‘need’ others, won’t ‘get’ this, and I see that.

I don’t want to ‘need’ people. And I increasingly don’t.

I am a mother and wife and I do all I can in my capacity to be decent in these roles and to love and cherish them.

I want to help others, and I do. I help 1000’s every day, from the comfort of my own sacred space. I want to help others who suffer. And I do, in my capacity and sometimes I feel like this is not enough…… and then I am reminded …. it is enough.

I have a little world of my own ~ I have created that is separate to the parts of my life where people are within it.

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