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Forgiving someone, doesn’t mean they are no longer a giant asshole…


A post to my page, on forgiveness……. which is a subject I am very careful about…

We must remember – that forgiveness – should you choose to consider this (which is each person’s own choice) – does not in any way minimize, or justify, or condone – what someone has done… at all.

And we do not need to keep enduring someone’s ‘assholeness’ – if they ‘choose’ to keep being harmful.

We can and must have healthy boundaries – due to other people’s ‘choices’ to be harmful.

We do not need to be martyrs – to the harm others want to choose to project and inflict.

People have weird views on forgiveness….. and church people can be the worst, for getting forgiveness wrong. Particularly about how ‘quickly’ they judge you should forgive.

My journey in life, is to help not just Christians, but secular society too.

“Everyone’ needs help…… not the just select few that sit in churches every Sunday.

So, I talk with anyone and write for anyone ……. and in ways most people understand.

I don’t Bible bash at people (as mature Christians know not to do) ……. I don’t use clinical & technical words…… I’m just real and sensitive to what people need.

Forgiveness …….. is a highly emotive subject for many abuse/trauma survivors and I am sensitive and have empathy about this.

I also know how many people fuck it up when they talk about forgiveness (often church people)  and traumatise & emotionally abuse survivors further – which is very wrong and I wish those people, would just shut up.