Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The only thing worse than a psychopath…. are the psychopath lawyers defending them.

I have been abused, stalked online, harassed, lied about…. by a psychopathic person, who lied about having cancer, lied about seeing combat whilst in the army, lied about having PTSD, and pathologically has harmed many people, conned money from many people etc.

Now, he is acting the victim …… as they will often choose when exposed. They are easily able to adopt the victim role, to ‘get away’ with their harmful abusive behaviours. More lies, about his childhood.

Now, this is all bad enough and I feel so sorry for all his victims, including his two ex girlfriends, who have both confirmed domestic violence.

But, what is worse – are the lawyers defending him, who are themselves harassing the victims, on social media. Wow, now there is some more psychopathic behaviours.

It is known that lawyers are in the top career choices of psychopaths.

It is easy to see why as certain careers – are those where lack of empathy, lack of remorse, lack of conscience, lack of guilt, and an entitlement to all this…… can happily reside. And they like to be successful too. Success at any cost.

CEO’s, lawyers …… being the top careers for psychopaths.

And I have needed to explain in detail for the ‘black and white’ thinkers…… this does not mean ‘all’ CEO’s and all lawyers are psychopaths. It simply means they will be attracted to these careers, where their personality disorder traits – can be welcomed and accepted as ‘good’ …… by our very unhealthy society.

Does everyone deserve a fair trial, of course.

But, when psychopathic lawyers are defending them, for a ‘success at all costs’ & of course $$$$$$ – behaviour/attitude ……. that is not wisdom at all.

It is simply colluding with evil.