Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Church people are often the worst at invalidating the pain caused by abuse.

Just read an article about Mark Driscoll…….. who even prior to his big fall from grace……. I had already detected was a narcissistic, misogynistic wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And with all that has occurred, the bullying, the abuse, the trolling under a fake name, the plagiarism, the fraud etc……. it is so obvious to me what he is.

But, 99% of the comments on the article were supporting him.


None of them can see the obvious narcissism, the hurt and harm Driscoll has caused None of them can see these traits don’t just ‘go away’.

Nope, they all want to think of their own selfish reasons to support Driscoll, or trot out the old cheap grace card.

Absolutely no compassion shown for all those he abused. That is conveniently ignored.

Church people, are often the worst culprits for defending abusive, narcissistic, sociopathic people. With no care for the victims.

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I really believe in the power of healing, even if I’m not personally healing.

I see that I am back to where I have always been. Any healing I thought I was going through, has obvious not occurred. Maybe I just thought that if I believed it, it was true. Now, I have given up.

People talk about my courage. It’s the only positive thing my counsellor speaks of me having and now it is pretty obvious, I am failing at that. I realise considering where I am at now, this proves my courage is not as deep as anyone thinks.

I feel like a complete failure, I feel deep shame and self loathing. I’m not strong enough and I have to accept that about myself.

I feel like a fraud at times – talking about healing to others, when I am clearly so far from that myself.

But, whilst I realise I am not healing ………. I do still believe in healing for others. I see others that have courage needed and are improving their lives and I am so deeply thankful for that for them. I want to still encourage that in others.

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Most people, just don’t have the level of empathy needed.

A post to my page, on why I realise most people will not have the empathy level required for severe complex trauma survivors.

Not everyone has the empathy we need…..

There is something I have learned, and I have to keep reminding myself…….. many people will not have the empathy capacity needed ….. to understand complex trauma survivors.

They just can’t understand what we have endured, what we still endure, or the level of pain and suffering.

Most people only know/understand ….. what ‘they’ know and have experienced, and nothing more.

Even many short lived/one time abuse victims, don’t have the empathy capacity to understand complex trauma and the profound affects of prolonged severe multiple abuse, and the different and deeper consequences this causes, especially when caused to children.

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