Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

How can anyone ever say Peter Gerard Skully – is a ‘human being’. He isn’t, he’s an evil monster.

I can’t understand how people can call these types of monsters ‘human beings’.

I’m aware many will say, that as a Christian, I am meant to have ‘compassion, mercy and grace’ for everyone…… but I cannot and will not have any positive or even neutral emotions or views for someone willingly committing such acts of evil and torture to children.

This man needs to be in prison for the rest of his life and never released.

Anyone who gets fooled into believing someone this evil and depraved, can be rehabilitated, and should be released in the future if he claims to have remorse, is sadly very very deceived.

This is pure evil. This is not a human being. Living, walking, talking, breathing evil.

And for anyone who wants to say differently – where is your empathy for the severe suffering these children have endured, and maybe you need to ask these children whether they think he is a monster.

I can fully see these children have suffered far more than anything I have endured, and that to enjoy that level of evil, makes you a monster and to say any differently is to completely invalidate and minimize what these children endured, and for the ones still alive – what they still endure.

He shows no genuine remorse, no empathy and shows all the classic signs of being a psychopath with it. No emotions in his face when confronted with his heinous crimes.

One of these children tortured and raped, was 18 months old.

I have no doubt there will be people, like my counsellor, who will claim this man is hurting and in pain inside, as much as the torture and suffering he chooses to make children endure. Bullshit. He enjoys every second of it and that is why he is pure evil.


Last month Philippines police uncovered the body of a 12-year-old girl underneath a house in Malaybalay, Bukidnon which was once rented by the Melbourne man.

Police said Scully’s former partner told them he had accidently killed one of his victims in 2013 and buried her under the building in a desperate effort to hide his growing and lucrative pay-per-view child sex business.

Scully is accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing numerous children, as well as allegedly filming the activities and distributing the footage to pedophiles on the internet.

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I’m aware I give my counsellor a hard time…

I’m aware I give my counsellor a hard time.

I refuse point blank to trust all of what she says, I challenge her continually, I read and analyse everything she does and says…… and I tell her – at her request – everything I am not okay with.

I am definitely not an easy client and I see that.

So when I see her this week, I am going to take a big bunch of flowers, just to let her know that I do appreciate how she allows me to challenge, question, get annoyed, analyse, responds to my emails, allows me to display all my fear driven behaviours/needs, allows me to tell her what is upsetting/hurting me, and tries to understand me and allows me… to be me.

And I do appreciate that she apologises to me, and shows remorse, but I get confused by that, because I have never known real apologies, or remorse. So I sit there confused. And I know I am meant to graciously accept apologies, but in my complete state of confusion, or because I am so emotionally numb, I can’t react the way I am meant to.

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