Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Feedback, that made me cry…. in a good way.

This was written on another Facebook page about me, not my own pages.

“I just want to add that Lilly has helped me more in the last 12 months with her amazing info and website than over 20 years of doctors meds and therapy combined!

Eternally grateful for all her work and dedication”

This does help me to remember and focus on how important it is to reach out, share and help others, in peer support capacity.

I do believe in quality therapy being needed and to seek that wherever possible.

But therapy is not always of a sufficient quality, to help many people due to a lack of insight and understanding of the consequences of complex trauma, and many therapists are not sufficiently trained, insightful, of empathic. Or have own agenda’s.

I do know my work is my ministry, my calling, my passion.

And I do know it makes a difference in the lives of others, in a positive and productive way.

And for this evening, I will be content with that and feel good about that.


My son is doing exceptionally well in school & I can’t affect that.

My 6 year old is a smart little boy. And I know all parents want to believe that about their children, but I am realistic about my children.

My 6 year old is smart and one of the ways he is smart – is book smart/academically smart. my older son, is more gifted musically and creatively – and I am equally okay with both their personal gifting.

At my 6 year olds parent/teacher meeting this week, the two teachers stated he is beyond the curriculum for his grade, and we are only in March and the school year ends in December. His reading, sight words, writing, maths – everything – are all well advanced of his age/grade.

And more importantly to me, he is also a well behaved, polite, respectful boy, who cares about his classmates.

He is doing exceptionally well, and I am very happy about all this.

It also makes me know, I cannot do anything to cause him issues that could be avoided, and mess up this progress and advanced stage he is at. It pressures me even more to know, if I split up with his father, it will affect him and I will affect his schooling and I will feel so guilty about that, even though the issues in my marriage – are not mine.

Despite everything I am going through and everything bad within my marriage……. my children are happy, secure, thriving and doing well…….. and I cannot bring myself to affect that.

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