Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I am a Christian & I do have every right to judge those who intentionally abused me & enjoyed it.

There is a really big demand within church people and within secular society, to not ‘judge’ anyone. And those who do ‘judge’ abusers, are deemed to be wrong.

My abusers all intentionally abused me. It was planned, deliberate, repeated abuse. They hid it, lied about it, denied it and tried their best to silence me. They made me suffer considerably.

The term ‘judgment’ gets a bad rap. Especially for church people who use that term for anything negative said about anyone, which is bizarre.

Judging someone, is not saying you are condemning them. It does not imply you are wanting bad to happen to them. It does not imply you want them to suffer back. It does not imply you are hating them.

It is simply saying ‘what you did was wrong, the acts of abuse you made decisions and choices to commit – are evil. I did not deserve them and you harmed me greatly. You chose to make me suffer and you didn’t care. You showed no remorse, no empathy and you enjoyed it. And that is disgusting. I don’t have to like you, or want you in my life, or make excuses for you, or minimize what you did.’

There is nothing wrong with this.

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Yes, I am still shocked this blog, has not far off half a million views.

I was shocked from the beginning about the popularity of this blog and my website, both having as much traffic as they receive. I didn’t expect it at all.

The power of the written word, of sharing in a frank, honest way, sharing a journey many stay silent about, many don’t understand, topics with great stigma and lack of empathy about ….. is obvious by the stats.

This blog is read by many people in many countries, all round the world, every day. Even with my Facebook page closed down for several weeks, my blog stats have remained as the same.

I know my blogs place high on web searches, under many different topics – abuse, child abuse, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and about different types of abuse and abusive people.

I still find it bizarre, that in under 2 years, this blog has not far off half a million views, and I do realise that is significant in terms of the topics I write about.

I don’t write about ‘nice’ stuff like fashion, cooking, decorating, or ‘positivity fountain’ topics – the usual popular blog topics.

I write about painful, emotional, heartbreaking, soul breaking, horrific life experiences – like child abuse, child sexual abuse, rape, torture, every kind of abuse, psychopaths, narcissists, trauma, suffering, mental health.

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Can I not be me, anymore.

Can I please have a life, where I came from a ‘good enough’ childhood.

Can I have average problems.

Can I not have nightmares of horrific abuse.

Can I not have intrusive memories of horrific abuse – rape, child rape, being beaten, tortured etc.

Can I have a life where I didn’t get severely abused by sociopaths, psychopaths, paedophiles etc.

Can I not have a life where I was badly abused and neglected by my parents.

Can I not understand human behaviour and discernment into darkness and it’s traits.

Can I not be grieving anymore.

Can I not hurt anymore.

Can I not be sad anymore.

Can I not cry anymore.

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